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In the beautiful hills near the town of Bjelovar, situated picnic and a wine shop "vinyl" Šapić family, whose members are Livia, Laura, Mom and Dad Tatjana Sasa. We are located just 4 kilometers from the city towards Đurđevac, and the precise location of our little suburban place Puričani. With the village surrounded by vineyards offering a panoramic view of Bjelovar and beautiful green forest Bjelovar - Bilogora end. So, we are close to town, yet far enough away to feel the atmosphere of village life, beautiful nature and fresh air. Therefore, we decided to just make one here family resort, but also a quiet corner for business people, where people can relax, eat something from traditional cuisine, drink a glass of wine from grapes with slopes Bilogora and pleasant to have fun.

The restaurant menu with homemade soups, meats and seasonal salads, most are looking for grilled dishes, baked dishes and barbecued dishes. So we prepared for our guests several types of mixed meat platter.


Wine cellar consists of the main area in which the stainless steel barrels capacity from 40 to 9000 liters. In a large stainless steel barrels takes place maceration and fermentation under controlled conditions and storing wine. Another small portion of the wine cellar is part of the oak barriques, archives and wine bank vault for storing wine. An avid wine collectors can hire safe and keep it in their wine cellar conditions.


An integral part of the wine cellar and a small shop with wines where all the wines can be purchased in bottles, some bottles of a liter and opened as a commodity - in bulk.

Practically 90% of the wine sold in the restaurant and on the "doorstep".

Bottles of wine

up to -20%

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