Dental Clinic Affinity - Cairo


Building 1, Street 210

Victoria square, Degla Maadi






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About Us


Highly professional doctors in all dental specialties, ortho, endo, prosthodontics, restorative, bleachings, pediatric dentistry, implant and surgeries, laser, smile design and 3D planning for implant cases.


All dental treatments are performed through highly professional doctor in all dental specialties in highly equipped dental clinic, ideal sterilization and infection control protocols.


Our concept is "truth and trust concept"


We provide a real dental care.





Endodontics ( Root Canal Treatments )

Periodontics ( Gum Treatments )

Oral Surgery

Laser Dentistry

Smile Design

3D Planning

Aesthetic Dentistry ( Veneers, Whitening )

Prosthetics ( Dentures, Crowns )

Pediatric Dentistry





Examination 20 EUR

Gingivectomy/tooth 30 EUR

Surgical crown lengthening /tooth 45 EUR

Full mouth scaling & polishing 110 EUR

In office bleaching “light bleaching” 250 EUR

Composite filling 55 - 75 EUR

Root canal treatment “one canal” 100 - 190 EUR

Fiber post & composite core build up 100 EUR

Titanium post & composite core build up 80 EUR


All ceramic crown” e.max /zirconia” 350 EUR

Porcelain fused to metal crown 220 EUR

Inlay/onlay/endocrown 370 EUR

Ceramic veneer 400 EUR

Composite veneer 120 EUR


Implant 600 EUR

Sinus lifting Open 500 EUR

Closed 250 EUR

Bone graft & membrane / site

Small 300 EUR

Large 500 EUR

Crown over implant 450 EUR

Implant overdenture/ arch 900 EUR

Temporary crown 20 EUR

Computer guided implant “ will be added to implant cost” 120 EUR


Simple extraction 50 EUR

Surgical extraction 70 EUR

Surgical removal of impacted wisdom tooth 170 - 250 EUR


Acrylic Complete denture “ upper & lower arches ” 450 EUR

Acrylic Partial denture “up to six teeth” 200 EUR

Vitalium denture/arch 350 EUR


Gum depigmentation “ laser therapy” 300 EUR

Socket preservation using bone graft 200 EUR



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