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About Us

Dental Clinic is a second generation clinic with traditions in the field of dentistry. We are proud of our work as a team – dental clinic and dental laboratory – and we endeavour to satisfy even the most demanding of patients. Our clinic offers the full spectrum of dental services such as oral surgery, implantology, esthetic dentistry and porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. We aim at delivering solid results combined with supreme comfort for our patients, therefore we have combined dental clinic, dental laboratory and X-ray all under one roof.


Dental Treatments


* Implantology

The dental implant substitutes the root of a lost tooth or teeth. It is made of 99% pure titanium, which is inert metal and does react with the patients’ system. Advantage of the titanium is in its biologic tolerance, which allows the bone to connect with it and therefore the implant is stabilized in the bone. This is an daily procedure which is very predictable and with a proven clinical success. After implant insertion, a short period is required for bone to connect with the implant, although there are some occasions where the implant is placed immediately after tooth extraction together with the crown thus increasing patient comfort and acceptance.

Dental Implants give you a better quality of life because:

– Replace lost teeth without the need to destroy the adjacent teeth like in a bridge for instance

– Aid in the creation of a beautiful and harmonic smile

– Implants retain bone once integrated in the bone

– Dentures can be mounted on top of implants


* Dental bleaching

Tooth bleaching is a harmless procedure that can be done either in home or office conditions. Home bleaching is more popular and is done via transparent trays, custom made for every patient, that are placed on the teeth. The bleaching effect is relaible and proven and when certain staining foods and drinks are avoided the effect is even more pronounced.

Contemporary conception that yields the best results in dental bleaching is when home and office bleaching are combined. Initially we start off with an office procedure and the patient continues to bleach at home with the home bleaching.

Dental bleaching can be done also as an additive procedure when the aim is to rejuvenate and brighten the smile with or without veneers.


* Perio and Oral Hygiene

* Prosthodontics

* Porcelain veneers

* Porcelain restorations made in the Lab

* Composite restorations made in the Lab

* Direct restorations (Fillings)

* Composite bonding


* Implantology

The basics of a beautiful smile are set in well plant and thought treatment plan. With our know-how and modern 3-D computerized methods today we can predict and make accurate treatment plan that suits your personal situation and demands.

Based on good planning together with you dentists we can pick the best approach for you need, which makes surgical procedure easier, more precise and less painful, in order to achieve the best result.


* Fixed Partial Dentures (Crowns & Bridges)

* Removable Dentures

* Orthodontics



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