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About Us


At our Dental center we look at dentistry from a team approach.

We make it a priority to use the latest science and highest technology available today, such as Digital Smile Design Technology and Micro dentistry as well as state-of-the-art equipment, including computed dental radiography which uses 90% less radiation, intra-oral video cameras Laboratory and other advanced technology.


We understand that for many it is not just about great oral health but the whole of the individual person with an emphasis on the art of a great smile!


Why Choose our center ?


We believe that science and digital technology can further enhance our noble profession in society.

Dental Center presents a new face of dentistry, more human, emotional and artistic, one that brings the patient to the forefront of the dental experience.


Dental Center is the first in Costa Rica to offer Digital Smile Design a truly scientific, artistic and aesthetic approach to dental treatments ensuring each patient experiences the best Dental treatment for their investment.


Dentak Center ethically involves the patient in the restorative or smile enhancement process, making them the co-author “of their treatment, sharing real objectives, responsibilities, and expectations between the patient and the restorative team. The results are significantly improved once we integrate the restorative technical requirements with the emotional needs, predictably outlining the path to establish a natural, confident, and beautiful smile. After all there are not many things in this life that are more important than a healthy, natural, confident and beautiful smile!


In Costa Rica, you will receive higher quality health care than what you might receive in your own home town while at a much better price. Our patients can receive up to 60% savings on their treatments at our Dental Center compared to North American costs. All this combined with our highly trained staff and quality medical facilities combine to make Costa Rica and our Dental Center a desirable place to have dental work done.

If you are considering having cosmetic dental work done, we certainly hope you will consider a visit to Costa Rica and our Dental Center.


After all why just go to the dentist, when for the same price or less you can take a vacation of a lifetime and complete your dental treatments with quality and care




*Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design brings true visualization into focus for the patient allowing them to see in real time the final result of the restoration before the dental treatments commences


*Micro Dentistry

Microscopic Enhanced Dentistry (or micro dentistry) allows  the team  the ability to see the tiniest details that are simply impossible to visualize with the naked eye or loupes, glasses with magnification in the lenses. Less than one percent of general dentists use microscopes to perform examinations. Center has taken the lead in Costa Rica with this endeavor in Micro Dentistry.

The team at Dental Center, has selected surgical operating microscopes that give a clear, magnified perspective


*Dental Implants

Our patients can receive up to 60% savings on their Implant treatments at our Center compared to North American costs.

Center uses top implants brands from Implant Direct, manufactured in the United States.

For your safety and confidence we use state-of-the-art equipment, including computed dental radiography (uses 90% less radiation), intra-oral video cameras and other advanced technology to provide you with the very best results possible. We also have an outstanding nursing and dental assistant staff that will make you feel as comfortable as possible during your visit.


*Bone Grafting


*Dental Bone Structure


*Composite Fillings


*Dental Crowns and Bridges


*Dental Veneers



Nobody has to notice that you use a denture. At DaVinci’s Dental Care we not only give you back a great bite but can achieve great aesthetic results changing your life for the better with the confidence that our dentures give back to patients.


*Full Mouth Cleaning

Your first defense against numerous dental diseases is regular cleanings. Our highly trained dental hygienists at DaVinci’s Dental Care understand the importance of this treatment.


*LED Teeth Whitening

New, cost effective process takes less than 1 hour with superb results for our patients.


*Natural Teeth



Here we work with the most modern equipment in the field of orthodontics, always seeking new technologies that provide tools to increase efficiency and reduce the time of treatment for the patient.


*Partial Dentures

At our center we can make metal free retainers and partial dentures, with special attachments that can give the patient very good retention and great aesthetics.




*Root Canal Treatment

Our Endodontics team and our patients benefit greatly from science and technology with the use of Microscopic Dentistry, ensuring the highest quality and care of every Endodontic treatment.


*Sinus Lift







Composite Filling  $75 to $125

Extraction Simple  $125

Extraction (surgical/impacted ) $225 - $250

Porcelain inlay/onlay  $250 to $450

Teeth Whitening  $200

Regular teeth cleaning $85

Composite veneer $250 to $450

Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) $85/ quadrant


Crowns / Veneers  $450 to $600  

Porcelain crown  $450

Porcelain veneer $450 - $550

Zirconia crown  $550

Temporary crown/veneer  No Charge / Long term High Aesthetic temporaries $60


Full Removable Denture  $550 to $800

Partial Denture - depending on how many units


Implant Procedures

Dental Implant (implant only) $850

Sinus lifting $1500

"All on Six" System   starting at $12,500 / arch  depending on material patient chooses to use.

Bone graft (large)  $550

Bone graft (small)  $300


Root Canal Treatment  $400  Performed with Micro Dentistry



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