Dental Clinic Medstom  - Sofia

Address 1:

Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov Blvd. 26A

1000 Sofia



Address 2:

Stefan Stambolov Blvd.6


1000 Sofia




About Us


In 2001, Dr. G. Mohamed founded the Medstom Dental Clinic under the motto "Care and Responsibility for Your Health".


Over 17 years of continuous work, Dr. G. Mohamed as an owner, a manager and an oral surgeon-implantologist, together with his colleagues dental specialists, proves high professionalism by applying the most advanced and precise methods of diagnostics and treatment combined with a good care.


In 2013, Dr. G. Mohamed expanded his activities, opening a second specialized clinic in dental implantology and aesthetic dentistry.


"Medstom" Dental clinics have been evaluated and approved in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and cover all dental services including: conservative, endodontic treatment, aesthetic dentistry, children dentistry, prosthetic service (prosthesis and faceting), orthodontics, maxillofacial and oral surgery, paradontology, dental implantology and dental-digital X-rays.


Maintaining consistent quality of healthcare, using the latest equipment and materials, clinic's good vision and patient comfort, all these result in national and international recognition of quality.


Dental Clinics Medstom is positioned in the heard of Sofia. Its high qualified specialists are working fast, very professional and qualitatively. The clinics equipment is modern and new made by the best producers in this domain.


The dental treatment and dental implants prices are several times less expensive compared to the services in Europe by using the same materials and techniques as in Switzerland, France or USA.


Here in Medstom Clinic we implement not only our best practices in the treatment of our patients but also the world’s best and modern trends of medicine and dentistry. We work with the most advanced equipment and with high quality materials from world’s leading manufacturers. We provide a wide range of medical and dental services performed by prominent specialists in all aspects of dentistry and medicine.


Why Us ?


*More than 18 years of experience

*15 highly qualified specialists in all dental fields /implantology, surgery, aesthetics, prostheses, etc.

*2 dental clinics positioned in the very center of Sofia which facilitates the access

*Advanced equipment, innovative technologies, 2D and 3D X-rays

*High quality materials from leading global manufacturers from /Switzerland, France and USA

*You will be welcomed in several different languages (French, English, Italian, Greek, Turkish and Arabic)

*Thousands of satisfied patients from all over the world

*Low prices for superior quality of service

*Our driver will meet you at the airport and will take you directly to the hotel or the clinic.

*We offer life guarantees on our services and materials in condition you follow strictly the recommendations of our specialists.





*Dental Implants

*Aesthetic Dentistry

*Teeth Whitening

*Oral Surgery



*Pediatric Stomatology

*General Dentistry

*X Ray






Composite Filling  55 EUR

Extraction Simple  45 - 60 EUR

Extraction (surgical/impacted )  180 EUR

Teeth Whitening  180 EUR

Regular teeth cleaning  45 EUR


Crowns / Veneers

Metal Ceramic Crown  190 EUR

Ceramic crown  430 EUR

Porcelain veneer  160 EUR

Zirconia crown  430 EUR

Temporary crown/veneer  50 EUR



Full Denture  400 EUR


Implant Procedures

Dental Implant ( implant only )  360 EUR


Single-sided implantation of a sector of the lower jaw


3 implants and their immediate loading with 3 pieces of fixed metal-composite crowns 1.400 EUR


One-sided - implantation of one upper jaw section

4 implants and their immediate loading with 5 pieces of fixed metal-composite crowns 1.900 EUR


Full jaw implantation

8 implants and their immediate loading with 14 pieces of fixed metal-composite crowns 4.100 EUR


Full upper jaw Implantation

10 implants and their immediate loading with 14 pieces of fixed metal-composite crowns 4.600 EUR


Implantation of two jaws

18 implants and their immediate loading with 28 pieces of fixed metal-composite crowns 8.200 EUR


Root Canal Treatment  80 - 110 EUR



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