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About Us


Modern technology combined with a 40 year old experience turn your dream smile into a reality.


Our clinic offers the full spectrum of dental services .The workflow is based on modern protocols and treatment plans which are developed digitally by our high-end equipment.


New generation intraoral scanners , dental 3D printer, X-Ray and sophisticated computer software all in one place , guarantee maximum accuracy, help you visualize all your thoughts and ideas into a real in – office model and help us give you a flawless procedure with great results .


We do our best to make sure that your experience in our clinic is pain- free and relaxed and that you receive the best treatment possible.



Consultation and treatment plans


On receipt of your x-ray/ panoramic and health record we are able to provide an indicative treatment plan. Upon arrival we will take another panoramic (free of charge) and provide an up-to-date consultation and finalise your requirements.





*Implantology and Dental Surgery


Our clinic has state-of-the-art pre-surgical and surgical facilities where different surgical intervention and dental manipulations, periodontal surgery and placement of dental implants take place. The consultations and surgical interventions are performed by specialized surgeons.


Dental implants are the best solution and - in some cases - the only one for the rehabilitation of various defects in dental arches. Implants take the place of missing teeth, including their roots. They are implanted in the bone, at the position of the missing tooth. During the healing process, the bone penetrates (pervades) the implant and as a result, it is strongly anchored in it. During the healing process, the dental implant is covered by the gum, in order to keep it stress-free during that phase. Then an abutment is screwed to the implant on which the new tooth is fixed, similar to a crown. The dental implant takes the chewing load instead of the root and gently transfers it to the bone as with natural tooth.


Dental implants are solid base for your new teeth


In order to be able to guarantee that the artificial roots are strongly fixed to the bone, dental implants meet 3 basic requirements:


1. Dental implants are made of biologically compatible material, easily accepted by the human organism. The human body does not reject this material.

2. Dental implants are with raw surface. In such a way a favorable conditions are created for the strong integration and fixation of the "new root" to the bone.

3. The specific shape of the implants help strong fixation and protects the bone from stress during chewing.


In which cases dental implants can be used?


This depends on the individual situation (evidence) and our surgeons-implantologists will determine your situation. We are going to give you several examples in order to illustrate the cases when dental implants can be used, rather than traditional treatment.


Improve your quality of life


The advantages of the dental implants are obvious: Your new teeth will be strongly fit in their place. You will see that your new teeth will improve your self-esteem and confidence. The presence of dental implants does not mean that you will not need prosthetic reconstructions. But they help to reduce their size and will allow the prostheses to look more natural. You and the people around you will not notice them because they will be more functional and aesthetic.


Your new teeth will look like natural teeth. The fact that the prosthetic construction is strongly fixed in position means that you will be able to chew more efficiently and taste everything. You will not be thinking about your prosthesis while talking and you will be able to laugh from the bottom of your heart.




We restore your partial or edentulous condition with variety of possibilities :PFM or all ceramic crowns , zirconium crowns , e-max ,partial or complete dentures.


*Restorative dentistry


Fillings made up of composite , direct build up of your teeth (post and core) , composite and porcelain veneers.


*Oral &Maxillofacial


Oral oncology , maxillofacial trauma, TMJ surgery ,oral surgery .




Our specialized staff deals with the most contemporary orthodontic techniques , from regular simple braces to digital 3D aligner treatment .


*Pediatric dentistry


Young patients are welcomed in our office and our primary concern is to make them feel no fear for the dentist.




Partial or complete pulpotomy , RCT( root canal treatment )





Composite Filling €40

Extraction Simple €40

Extraction (surgical/impacted) €180

Porcelain inlay/onlay €180

Teeth Whitening (office )Flsh system €350

Teeth Whitening(Home) €250

Regular teeth cleaning €40

Composite veneer €100

Deep cleaning scalling (full mouth)€120


Crowns / Veneers


Metal porcelain crown €250

Zirconia crown €300

E-max cad veneer €300

Temporary crown/veneer - free




Full Denture €800

Partial Denture €400

Partial metal base Denture €750


Implant Procedures


Dental Implant – € 700

"All on Four" – (Pro-arch system, with acrylic denture) €4200

"All on Six" – ( Hybrid system, porcelain crowns) €6800

"All on Six" – ( fixed system porcelain crowns) €6500

Bone graft (large) €200

Bone graft (small) €150

Membrane (large) €200

Membrane (small) €150

Sinus lifting €500 (if implant treatment included)

Sinus lifting €800 (if no implant treatment included)


Root Canal Treatment (single root) €120

Root canal Treatment (molar) €180



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