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About Us


Smile Me dental clinic is one of the best health centers in Puerto Vallarta specialized in a wide variety of services to cover all medical needs of its patients. In addition to offering top quality treatments, it is a clinic that cares a lot about developing preventive strategies that ensure your long-term health.


Clinic is providing the treatments with the use of high quality materials and well known brands.

All treatments are performed by highly experienced Doctors and Medical Team.





*Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial substitute for the natural root of the tooth. It is a small piece of titanium, biocompatible material, which heals and osseointegrates into the bone. Thanks to this fixation of titanium to the bone we can replace one or more missing teeth.


*Crowns and Fixed Bridges

If you need the replacement of missing teeth, in smile me only have the best and most aesthetic materials to do it.

Fixed bridges made of zirconia and / or porcelain, forget about metals.


*Smile Design

Each of our patients is eligible for this personalized service. Schedule your appointment, we guarantee you will be delighted.


*Teeth Whitening

At Smile Me we have the best method of bleaching in one single session, in just one hour you can achieve the smile you always dreamed


*Root Canal Treatments

Endodontics is performed when the tooth has suffered permanent damage to the nerve and it is necessary to save it, our team of endodontists is here to help you throughout the process.


*Removable Dentures And Bridges

In patients who are totally toothless, the best way to restore the function and aesthetics of their face, can be through removable total or partial dentures.





Composite Filling  60 USD

Extraction Simple  100 USD

Extraction (surgical/impacted )  200 USD

Porcelain inlay/onlay  400 USD

Teeth Whitening  160 USD

Regular teeth cleaning  50 USD

Composite veneer  200 USD

Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) 150 USD


Crowns / Veneers

Metal Ceramic Crown  400 USD

Ceramic crown  500 USD

Porcelain veneer  500 USD

Zirconia crown  600 USD

Temporary crown/veneer  150 USD



Full Denture  1.000 USD

Partial Denture  700 USD


Implant Procedures

Dental Implant ( implant only )  1.200 USD

Porcelain Crown On Implant  700 USD

Sinus lifting  800 USD

"All on Four" System  7.000 USD ( per arch )

"All on Six" System  9.000 USD ( per arch )

Bone graft (large)  600 USD

Bone graft (small)  400 USD


Root Canal Treatment  300 USD



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