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About Us

Hygeea Medical Center offers quality medical services by giving precise diagnostics followed by a well structured treatment plan.

The dental team consist in young Romanian doctors that show a common vision and are full of enthusiasm.

They are accompanied by highly trained and experienced Italian doctors, that can solve even the hardest medical cases.


Together, the team succeeds in offering complex treatment plans to the pacients. The treatments in our medical center are done in a warm and welcoming environment. Our pacients are well informed about the afflictions and treatment plan so there won’t be any trust issues. Our relantioship will be based on trust!

We want to "smile together".




Preventive dentistry

Preventve dentistry consist in all the methods used to block the dental and periodontal afflictions in the incipient and reversible stages. These being said ,our pacients are advised to have a check up and a professional cleaning done every 6 months. Skipping the periodical check up can lead to discomfort, pain and a much more expensive treatment plan. We offer a high variety of prophylactic maneuvers and with the help of ultrasonic scaling, air-flow and professional brushing your smile will look perfect and your dental and gingival health will be maintained.


Dental fillings

Decay is one of the most common dental problem. There are many factors that contribute to the appearance of dental caries, such as: incorrect meal plan, poor dental hygiene, dental tissue structural problems etc. Leaving the decay untreated ,pulp affliction may appear. With the periodic control we can intercept the problem and treat the case without having the pulp chamber involved. With the help of quality materials we can achieve the desired aesthetics.



The term “endodontics” comes from latin and means “inside of the teeth”. Saving a tooth must always be the first choice for any practitioner, in case the dental pulp is involved. In endodontics we eliminate the infected pulp tissue, we desinfect the canals and we fill them with biocompatibile materials. The high technology level and the medical know-how of our doctors help at solving difficult cases.



Pedodontics is a dental speciality that is dedicated to the young pacients. The little ones benefit from different procedures, due to the particularities of the first dentition and the second one in the forming phases. It’s vital that the children get used to going to the dentist from young ages and adopt a good hygiene to prevent further dental problems. With the help of our highly trained and skilled pedodontist, the child benefits from a nice experience that is also benefical for the oral health. The friendly and relaxing atmosphere from our clinic makes the child relaxed and the dental treatment sessions are done with ease.



The periodontics disease affects the tissue around the teeth. The first sign of a problem is given by gum bleeding when brushling. Most of the pacients usually neglect it and this will lead in time to teeth mobility and even teeth loss. This serious problem can be intercepted and stoped in the early stages, by going to the dental office. The complexity of this affliction implies a well done and rigorous treatment.


Oral surgery

Dental extractions are the most frequent surgical procedure done in the dental office. Teeth extractions are mostly done when the teeth can not be saved. The surgeons from Hygeea Medical Center minimize the discomfort during and after surgery.



After an extraction, a clear space is formed. This space will influence both aesthetics and functionality. Implantology revolutionized dental medicine as it can create new teeth from nothing. Now you can replace the old prothesys. Our doctors use the best implants made in Italy. The procedure is painless and minimally invasive, eliminating the pain after.



In case of massive tooth structure loss, direct restorations will be replaced with indirect ones, done by a dental technician. The doctor can aid the pacient with both aesthetics and functional solutions. The color shade and tooth form will mimic the other teeth and will look as natural as possible.



The Orthodontist has the role of correcting the maxillary abnormalities with the help of the braces. Besides the perfect teeth alignment, the purpose of the treatment is to assure the pacient a fixed and functional dental occlusion (the bite). Many pacients who present orthodontic afflictions tend to stop smiling, because of the unaesthetic teeth position. The abnormal position, beside the aesthetic changes, produces odontal, periodontal and even articular changes. Our orthodontist succeeds in offering the desired smile, along with the integrity of the other functions and the dentofacial component.


Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry

Hollywood stars inspire more and more people through the perfect, white and shining smile. The dentist offers you a series of procedures from dental whitening to dental veneers. They are always concerned with improving our pacients' smile, offering modern and efficient methods which bring joy each pacient apart. The dental tattoo is a new trend among the youth, the drawings giving them a plus of originality. The dental jewelry are precious and semiprecious crystals which are applied through special adhesive techniques on the teeth you choose, giving your smile a special charm.




*Scaling (including brushing) 50 euros

*Dental filling 50 - 80 euros ( depends on the size )

*Classic endodontic treatment 100 euros ( per root )

*Extraction ( simple ) 50 euros

*Wisdom tooth extraction 110 euros

*Implant ( only implant ) 700 Euros

*Crown on implant 300 euros

*Sinus lifting  850 euros

*Metal ceramic crown 200 euros

*All ceramic crown 320 euros

*Zirconium crown 350 euros

*Dental Veneers 350 euros

*Teeth whitening 250 euros


In our clinic we offer a full range of medical procedures. Please see the list of the treatments you can get in our clinic.


General Medicine





Aesthetic Medicine


Family Medicine


Aesthetic Medicine Treatments


Beauty has preoccupied us since ancient times, and canons of beauty have changed many times throughout the ages, people have always tried to meet the required norms. Each one of us constantly tries to improve his/her physical appearance, thus gaining a better and more optimistic mood.


With minimal and affordable interventions, we offer patients the ability to erase the signs of time or to improve facial appearance.

Dr. GIAN MARCO GALLO, a graduate of the University of Pavia, the Faculty of Dentistry, was from the very beginning attracted to the Chiropractor Dental Facial Specialization, starting with the activity in this field.

The Doctor is a specialist in facial aesthetics.

Dr. Gallo manages to make people happy both in Italy, in clinic in Pavia and Milan, but also in Europe, including Romania, through the successful collaborations.


Through large international congresses, Doctor is always up to date with the highest quality procedures, giving patients the best and most appropriate treatments.




   Hyaluronic acid treatments


   Facelift ( non-surgical )

   Hyperhidrosis treatments



   Botulinum toxin ( botox ) treatments


Courses - Dentistry


Master Course

Implantology and Oral Surgery






The HYGEEA Medical Center and the Department of Medical Education and European Integration (EMIE):


The EMIE Department is based on:

*the applicative integration of the theoretical knowledge acquired during the study

*developing the quality of practice techniques in the medical act

*behavioral behavior of medical staff, assistant-patient relationship

*role of medical staff in managing medical emergencies

*Mobility of medical personnel

*studies of research


University of Bari Aldo Moro - Department of Interdisciplinary Medicine


MASTER: Implantology and advanced oral surgery, periodontics, prosthetics, orthodontics and medical aesthetics in dentistry, growth factors and biotechnology, filling, botolinus, carbohydrate therapy, oxygen and ozone therapy, radiofrequency

   Date of application: open

   Duration of program: 18 months

   Study language: Romanian; l. Italian, l. English

   Credits: (120 CFU)

   The fee is 5000 euro payable in 2 times

   Program Coordinator



Dental hygiene assistant

Anesthesia and conscious sedation in dentistry, pharmacology

Aesthetic medicine


Short Master Courses







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