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Rruga Dervish Hima

Godina Ambasador 3. Ap 19. Floor 3




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About Us


At KD Dental Clinic you will find both the quality and a relaxed atmosphere. We provide dental care of European Standards.

At KDwe offer a variety of dental treatments ranging from the simplest ones such as cleaning and whitening of the teeth to the most complex such as: restorations, replacement of missing teeth using the latest methods and technology, and implant supported fixed or removable dental prosthesis.


We use only contemporary technology and high quality dental materials produced by different worldwide prestigious companies such as DEGUDENT, DEGUSA, DENTSPLY, KAVO, IVOCLAR, VITA, RHEIN83, HENRY SCHEIN AUSTRIA, DENTAURUM, SCHULER DENTAL, BEGO etc.

Kiss Dent laboratory European meets all the European standards.


We have 30 years experience and we are proud of our high quality dental service.

Our laboratory was the first to introduce Zircon fixed restorations in Albania (2005) and digital equipment CAD/ CAM System and ZIRKON BRAIN, products of one of the most known companies in the world DEGUDENT-International Company.

In addition to that the dental technicians have been trained accordingly in Austria.


We use a series of high quality pieces of equipment which are very modern and professional.

This type of technology is the most recent one (after 2005) and has been designed and produced by well known dental companies.


We promise that the dental treatment will be done at the highest quality level and we offer guaranties for guaranteed period.

Porcelain crowns & bridges – 7 years.

Semi – mobile metal  partial prosthetics with or without attachments – 7 years.

Implants ( for the structural elements of the implant ) – life time.




*Implantology Treatments

*Teeth Whitening

*General Dentistry

*Oral Surgery

*Aesthetic Dentistry ( Veneers )



Price List


*Consultations - free

*Panoramic X Ray - 15 Euros

*Hygienic Treatment ( cleaning ) - 30 Euros

*Teeth Whitening - 150 Euros

*Composite filling - 35 - 75 Euros

*Extraction ( simple ) - 20 Euros

*Extraction ( surgical ) - 70 Euros

*Implant per unit ( no crown included ) - 500 - 700 Euros



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