Dental Studio Dental Tim - Belgrade


Dental studio “DENTAL TIM”

Address: Sanska 21a ,Vozdovac

11000 Beograd





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Welcome to the dental studio "DENTAL TIM" where we will do our best  that you come to a healthy and beautiful smile without pain and fear.


Dental Practice "DENTAL TIM" is a practice with a long tradition and  experience in dentistry. Today the office is led by Dr. Irena Mladenovic, a specialist in dental prosthodontics and orthodontics.


Using the latest techniques in the work and the latest materials in dentistry, we will provide the highest quality services in the following areas:



· Dental disease

· Dental prosthodontics

· orthodontics

· periodontics

· Oral surgery with implantation ....

· Cosmetic Dentistry

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