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About us


Well-known fact is that the dental services around the world are much more expensive compared to dental services in Serbia. Accordingly Medical tourism has become very popular in Serbia due to the low price and the high quality of service.

The economic situation in the country dictates the price and the cost of services that can be up to 80% lower compared to Western countries. The best example is the price of the ordinary metal ceramic dental crowns.

In specialist practice Cvejanović in Belgrade the price is € 80, € 800 in Germany, USA $ 1,000 for one dental crown.


Dental Practice Cvejanović is one of the first private dental clinic in Belgrade with a 30 year old tradition. Founded in 1981 and with more than 10,000 patients who were treated in our dental clinic we can guarantee  the best quality of dental services. The office is equipped with modern materials ( EU / USA standards )


Coming from abroad? For all dental treatments which cost 1500 Euro or more you can have free accommodation during the duration of the treatments in Belgrade.


After many years of working in the field of dental tourism we noticed that one of the biggest problems of our patients from abroad is accommodation in our city, Belgrade. In order to give you the best possible treatment we are offering to our patients free accommodation while waiting to complete dental work, whether in terms of dental implants or dental crowns. Sometimes it takes a couple of visits to our dental clinic to complete complex implant work and to eventually obtain definitive dental crowns .Our luxury apartment of 100m2 is located in the center of Belgrade, near Vuk's monument.


The apartments is equipped with three bedrooms ( 4 - 6 people ), a large living room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms and three terraces.

Dental Practice Cvejanović also provides free WiFi in the apartment. Our clinic can also provide free transportation from the airport, and daily transportation to our dental office.

Due to high demand, please let us know at least 3 months in advance to announce your arrival and duration of your stay in Belgrade so that we could provide free accommodation.



Dental specialist examination - gratis


Dental treatments

White fillings (composite 3M ESPE) one surface € 20

White fillings (composite 3M ESPE) two surfaces € 30

White fillings (composite 3M ESPE) three surfaces € 40

Ceramic fillings, CAD CAM system € 180

Canal treatment (removal of nerve) -

Dentsply ProTaper system-one root € 20

Canal treatment (removal of nerve) -

Dentsply ProTaper system-two roots € 30

Canal treatment (removal of nerve) -

Dentsply ProTaper system-three roots € 50


Metal-ceramic crown 10 years guarantee -  80 €

Steel construction € 40

All-ceramic zirconium crowns 10 years guarantee  200 €

Ceramic veneers (Vinir) 220 €

Fiberglass built 30 €

Dental acrylic partial denture € 270

Dental acrylic denture total € 270

Dental denture € 320

Installation atecmena (par in) 100 €

Installation of artificial bone and membrane € 200

Oral Surgery

Tooth extraction usually 20 €

Complicated tooth extraction € 30

Surgical removal of wisdom teeth 50-80 €

Apicoectomy (dental root resection top) 50-80 €

Flap surgery right jaw € 350

Installation of dental implants IMPLANT DIRECT € 450

Installation of dental implants Nobel Biocare € 600

Installation of dental implants Nobel Activ € 700

Metal-ceramic crown on implant € 100

All-ceramic crown on implant € 220

Sinus Lift (latelarni access) € 600

Intravenous sedation per hour € 80


Fixed prosthesis

Mobile device € 200

Fixed prosthesis (mini metal braces) per jaw € 500

Fixed prosthesis (sapphire brackets) per jaw 700 €

Fixed braces (self-ligating brackets) per jaw 700 €


Teeth Whitening

Whitening dead tooth € 30

Teeth whitening home (foil) an unlimited number of applications both jaws € 125

Whitening dental laser (Zoom lamp) both jaws € 200



We provide transportation from the airport and back for free

We provide accommodation in hotels in Belgrade

For larger treatments we provide an additional discount

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