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Dental studio Proestetik provides services in all specialties of dentistry.

In pleasant surroundings, and with the help of our professional staff, we will make your every visit a pleasant, pain-free experience.

Our permanent consultants of all dentistry specialties are full professors of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade.


Our services



Aesthetics, appearance of implants and subjective feeling is identical to the natural tooth. On the other hand, by placing a dental implant, bone loss and gum recession (as inevitable consequences of wearing dentures, bridges and crowns) are prevented.

Preservation of healthy tooth

During single tooth bridge, it is necessary to grind the two adjacent healthy teeth. When installing the implants healthy teeth remain intact which is of great importance for oral health.

Restoring self-confidence

It will allow you to smile again and talk with full comfort and confidence. Contrast with dentures and other system,it will give you complete freedom

Nowadays,dental implant placement is a routine intervention with high success rate and is considered the best option for a lost tooth. We cooperating with leading breands in this field Nobel Biocare, Strauman, Biohorizons.


Face Estetic

Hyaluronic treatment

Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the subcutaneous tissue. It gives vigor, gloss, thickness and the appearance of youthful skin. The natural process of aging leads to a reduction of hyaluronic acid depots which leads to the tired and dehydrated look of the skin. We can also provide treatments as botox, 3d meso threads, face lifting, nose and ears plastic surgery in cooperation with best doctors specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery/


Change your smile in a second using are software

Digital Smile System is a software that allows dentists and technicians to realize the digital project of the aesthetical and functional smile rehabilitation through simple and automatic tools. Following an intuitive and guided process dentists will be able to show to the patient the preview of the prosthetic result, giving technicians all the necessary information to realize the project.



Crowns and bridges are used to compensate the loss of a tooth or a part of a tooth that can`t be restored by fillings. The crown or bridge preparation, if it comes to clear clinical case, consists of grinding the teeth abutment, taking the dental impression and making a restoration in the laboratory. The laboratory’s that we are working with have cutting edge technology as 3d printing, laser sintering, cad cam machines wich can allow us to make crowns an bridges on implant and natural tooth from the most modern material used today in dentistry as zircon , titan, glass ceramic, lithium disilicate, bioHpp.


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive method that is now routinely used in dental practice. Dental studio Proestetik uses two teeth whitening techniques, a tray technique and using teeth whitening light.

Tray technique includes making of a silicone tray in which whitening gel is placed. Trays are worn at night, during sleep. After two weeks your desired teeth whitening effect is reached. Results last from six months up to two years.

Using teeth whitening lamp is a very effective technique where desired teeth shade is reached in just 45 minutes.

Gel is applied on the tooth surface and activated by the teeth whitening light which accelerates the reaction. The whole procedure is pain-free.

Before the beginning of the teeth whitening process, a patient is provided with all the necessary information regarding the procedure and the post-treatment care. Please note that not every person is a potential candidate for teeth whitening. Before the treatment it is necessary to remove the soft plaque, sandblast the teeth and if necessary replace the restorations in the esthetic zone.

After the bleaching, teeth are treated with fluorine based material.


Cosmetic dentistry

It is difficult to laugh freely, even if you want to, if your teeth are irregular or have lost their natural whiteness. If this is your problem ceramic veneers could be a good solution. Although cosmetic dentistry procedures can not replace good oral hygiene, ceramic veneers, placed on your natural teeth, can easily embellish and brighten your smile and improve your self-confidence.


Restorative dentistry

Our primary goal is to remove all the pain and discomfort caused by your teeth.Thereafter, our aim is to act in a way that every dental restoration takes the form of a natural tooth and meets all aesthetic criteria.


Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

The first visit to the dentist is always the most important one.It is the moment when the child makes its first impression which will affect the further development of teeth and the future dental care.



When to decide?

Implant is a reliable solution for all of those who have indications for wearing dentures or are missing one or more teeth. Since the implant technology has progressed and made them more stable and durable, they are the best solution.

The basic predisposition for successful implant placement:

      Good general health

      Good oral hygiene as implants require thorough maintenance

      Adequate quality and thickness of bones


Oral surgery

Complicated tooth extraction – due to the shape or position of the teeth there are aggravating circumstances in the tooth extraction process.

Surgical tooth extraction – partially erupted teeth, teeth that are in the bone and do not have the possibility to come out.

Apicoectomy – cutting off the top of the root, removing the inflammatory process around the top of the root when conservative treatment is not possible.

Cystectomy – cyst removal in the jaw or around the tooth.

Frenectomy – cutting low attachment of lips and cheeks to the gums in order to prevent gum recession and tooth spacing.

Prosthetics surgery

Flap surgery


Maxillofacial Surgery

Ambulatory examination

A complete examination of patients face, jaws, neck and mouth

Consultative examinations in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face and jaws

Consultative examination of an Otorhinolaryngologist



When to start therapy?

The ideal time for starting treatment is the adolescence when the eruption of permanent molars and incisors takes place, as the average time of wearing braces is considerably shorter.


Application of ozone

Dental studio Proestetik has been using ozone for a long time to successfully treat a variety of conditions. Here you can get to know about ozone and its application in dentistry.


Dental Tourism



It is the ideal combination of travel,holiday and the improvement of your oral health.Unlike in many other countries in Europe and the world, here you will find a very good the value for money ratio,therefore more and more people are opting for this kind of tourism.


• Tourism

Everything is provided in one place: historical and cultural heritage, city sightseeing and attractions.Upon your arrival, you will be provided with a consultation and a treatment plan from a dental specialist (free of charge), thereafter you will be scheduling your future appointments according to the duration of your stay.


• Professional services

We provide high quality dental services and we use up-to-date materials of well known companies (Straumann, Nobel Biocare, 3M, Ivoclar, GC, Ultradent, Septodont) that are commonly used in dental studios around the world. Continuous professional development and knowledge acquired abroad allow us to work with the most complex operations.Our permanent consultants of all dentistry specialties are full professors of the Faculty of Dentistry of the University in Belgrade.


• Accomodation

Dental studio Proestetik in cooperation with some hotels in Belgrade has provided you with some very affordable accomodation during your stay in the city.In case of some major interventions, you will be provided with free accomodation.



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