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About Us


In our clinic we are providing comfortable dental treatments at modern dental clinic, for clients who expect high level of professionalism, top quality performances and painless procedures.


Based on an initial examination, which includes an overall dental check-up with the help of the most modern equipment diagnodent. A lasercavity finder and a digital x-ray determine the individual treatment plan that meets the needs and requirements of the patient. Each patient is simultaneously informed about the treatments.


Our aim is to provide professional care, to make sure the visit was not an unpleasant experience for you.


Our employees are fluent in English. On request we can arrange accommodation according to your wishes and transportation to the airport.


Dental clinic Priorities:


   Individual approach

   Painless treatment

   Modern therapy devices

   Use of high quality materials

   Precision of procedures

   Pleasant atmosphere





Dental Implants are the best solution for one or more missing teeth.

In our dental clinic we are using high quality brands and the most modern techniques to provide the best results.


Teeth whitening

In this method, a special light activates a gel which has been applied on teeth peroxide (Ultradent Opalescence,). The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. Due to the light the gel brakes down andthe oxygen penetrates into the enamel and dentine. Itwhitens all colored substances while the structure of the tooth remains unchanged. The whitening is done evenly and safely. Prior to the whitening, lips and gums are protected, so that the gel is only applied on the teeth. During bleaching the client can relax, read or have a nap. The whole procedure completed with a 5 minute teeth fluoridation. The entire treatment lasts one hour and is painless.Following the procedure, patients may temporarily experience an increased teeth sensitivity.

After bleaching, we also offer our patients home bleaching (10% peroxide) from Ultradent (Opalescence) which the patients applies at home for about 30 minutes for about 2 weeks after the whitening


Hygiene Treatments

Professional dental hygiene includes:

Examination of dental status

Mentoring and training of general oral hygiene for children and adults

Professional removal of plaque and calculus - air flow, sanding

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Mechanical cleaning and polishing teeth


Aesthetic dentistry

Composite white fillings in the front and back section of the mouth from the latest dental materials

Porcelain veneers for the treatment of discoloured front teeth

Metal-ceramic and ceramic crowns

Ceramic inlays

Teeth whitening

Zircon crowns, veneers

Aesthetic dentures


Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry is a branch that deals with the tooth fillings, oral hygiene, and obscuration of root canals. The main aim of restorative dentistry is to save the affected tooth.



Prosthodontics primary task is to replace missing teeth, respectively all teeth and thus improve or restore the patient’s chewing

Filling inlays, onlays







Root Canal Treatments


PRICE LIST ( Price List is Informative ).


Composite Filling 40 - 80 EUR

Extraction Simple 40 - 80 EUR

Extraction (surgical/impacted ) 120 - 150 EUR

Porcelain inlay/onlay 260 EUR

Teeth Whitening 300 EUR

Regular teeth cleaning 30 EUR

Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) 80 EUR


Crowns / Veneers

Porcelain crown 350 EUR

Porcelain veneer 350 EUR

Zirconia crown 350 EUR

Temporary crown/veneer 30 EUR



Full Denture from  260 EUR


Root Canal Treatment 50 - 150 EUR



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