Dental Clinic TD - Bucharest


Dr.Louis Pasteur, no 1A District 5





About Us


Our  Clinic brings together a team of 23 dentists with specialized education, extensive experience and participation to national and international courses and events.

We are professionals and we treat works as it should: with care and understanding. We want those who visit us to feel completely secure and to return to us whenever they need our expertise.Therefore, we provide a guarantee certificate. This document guarantees you both professionalism and durability of the dentistry quality provided that you follow some rules.


The team is composed of five general practitioners, two pediatric dentists, two periodontist, a surgeon, two physicians specialized in orthodontics and dental-facial orthopedics, four endodontists, a specialist in surgery and oral implantology, two maxilla-facial surgeon, an implantologist and a dentist with doctoral studies abroad. All are supervised by two coordinators physicians who take care that patients benefit of the maximum professionalism on a minimum length of time.


The physicians team within  Medical Clinic is, mostly, young. But, in order to bring more experience, there also exist three academics available to the patients - two teachers and one assistant. All these value the quality, work under hygienic and transparent conditions and take care that the prevention and treatment services do not involve complications.


Being guided by professionalism and targeting high standards, clinic representatives want their patients to benefit from a modern space, from high quality services and latest equipment in the new clinic (located just 5 min. away, on Dr. Louis Pasteur Str., no. 1A – Cotroceni area).


Why Us ?


*We are passionate about what we do. We approach each case with professionalism.

*We want to meet our customers’ expectations in every respect: quality people, devices and materials performance, flexible and adjustable payment systems.

*Our professional team consists of positive, relaxed, people who want to prove and surpass themselves every day.

*The high-sound equipment ensures top results and represents the  guarantee of successful works.

*We work with the best materials from internationally experienced and certified  manufacturers.

*We enforce the latest treatment methods. We provide customized solutions and innovative services.

*The range of services is adjustable to all of our customer segments;

*We provide performance solutions both to those seeking to solve a problem, and to those that explore new territories of health and beauty.



The building include:

Nine offices, including a department of surgery with two operating rooms and a dental office specially designed for children.

Melag sterilization equipment

Underground parking garage.


We are equipped and work with high-sound, performance equipments and materials, from famous, experienced and internationally certified manufacturers.

We provide comfortable solutions both to those seeking to solve their health problem, and to those who explore new beauty territories.




Dental Implants

*the surgery is done only by experienced physicians

*we perform this intervention following newest standards in the field

*we have the latest technology and facilities

*we adapted our techniques so the patient feels as little pain as possible (in most interventions, you will not feel anything)

*you will receive a guarantee for all dental procedures


Periodontal Surgery

The periodontal surgery interventions are minimally invasive surgery interventions, performed under magnification (magnifying lens) and with the special microsurgery tools. They are carried out under local anesthesia, either simple anesthesia or additional anesthesia by oral sedation or intravenous conscious sedation. By using the modern surgery techniques and the newest discoveries in the field of biomaterials, the procedures have become patient-friendly, with minimum complications during surgery and post-surgery reactions and maximum predictability.


Endodontic Surgery


Maxillofacial Surgery

*tooth extraction

*periodontal surgery

*apical resection

*odontectomies and cystectomies


Implantology maneuvers

*restoring a single tooth (without being necessary polishing of gap restricting teeth)

*bridges on implants

*dentures on implants


Dental Veneers

*Minimally invasive procedure

*Dental facets cover the teeth natural defects


Cosmetic Dentistry

*Whitening treatments

*Ceramic and composite veneers

*Porcelain prosthetic restoration of frontal teeth destroyed by caries or fractures

*Modern methods of cosmetic dentistry

*Dental tattoos and jewelry


One Hour Dentistry ( CEREC )

*natural aesthetics (there is no metal)

*accuracy (+/- 15 microns)

*speed (8 minutes for a crown, a veneer or inlay, 30 minutes for a 4 unit bridge/teeth)


Children Dentistry


Conservative Dentistry


Invisalign ( Orthodontics )



PRICE LIST ( Price List is Informative, for a final price consultations are necessary ).


Dental Consultation - 110 RON / 25 Euros

Emergency Appointment - 230 RON / 50 Euros

Front Tooth Filling - 420 RON / 90 Euros

CAD/CAM - from 1100 RON / 230 Euros

Composite Restoration - 180 RON / 40 Euros


Endodontic Consultation - 160 RON / 35 Euros

Endodontic Treatment ( microscope ) - from 660 RON / 140 Euros


Dental Implant - from 3500 RON / 735 Euros

Sinus Lift - from 3600 RON / 755 Euros

Bone Graft - 4500 RON / 945 Euros


CAD CAM Ceramic Crown - 1600 RON / 335 Euros

Metal Ceramic Crown - 1200 RON / 255 Euros

Zircon Ceramic Crown - 2200 RON / 460 Euros

Partial Prosthesis - 1400 RON / 295 EUR

Full Prosthesis - 1800 RON / 380 EUR


Extractions from 300 RON / from 65 EUR


Tooth Whitening 2035 RON / 430 EUR


Invisalign ( full ) 22000 RON / 4600 EUR



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