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• Dental implants

• Teeth whitening

• Crowns


Our dental clinic is specialist in implantology treatments. Today those treatments are very popular and highly accepted by patients and doctors. This treatments are fast way to bring your smile back, and at the same time treatment help to return psychologilac health as well.

We offer several treatment alternatives that fit your budget and clinical possibility.  We  study each case individually and we give the safety to our patient that the result will be the best possible


• Bridges

• Root canal treatments


Today one of the great advances in the field of endodontics is incorporation of systems of instrumentation  in a mechanical way, through engines for preparation.

These systems basically use consecutively several files of great flexibility (specific instruments for widening of ducts) and of different calibres, coupled to a specific handpiece.


Diseases and Disorders


• Dental abscess

• Periapical abscess

• Bruxism

• Decay

• Crowded teeth

• Misaligned teeth


Invisible orthodontics:

Transparent aligners, which act on the theeth improving significantly its appearance and its  functions. The results are the same as traditional orthodontics, with the difference that the aligners are INVISIBLE!

They are usually used for the patients who have already used orthodontics or for minor corrections. The patient is always studied individually.


• Disocclusion of teeth

• Gingival disease

• Periodontitis



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