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About Us


High quality clinic located in Cancun, Mexico.

We use the most modern technology in a wide variety of dental procedures, including accurate diagnosis, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, crowns, bridges, implants or orthodontic treatments.

Thanks to digital flow, dentist visits are much more enjoyable and time-consuming, as well as integrating the most innovative concepts to rehabilitate your smile in a simple and pain-free way.

We are committed to people's dental health that meets the highest health standards for your health care.

We have all the specialties with qualified professionals that will give you the tranquility of an excellent treatment at a fair price with the human warmth that characterizes us.

We are suppliers of dental implants and dental rehabilitation attachments, we have our own laboratory with the most modern equipment, and we have a training classroom.





Composite Filling 90 USD

Extraction Simple 180 USD

Extraction (surgical/impacted ) 300 USD

Porcelain inlay/onlay 360 USD

Teeth Whitening 270 USD

Regular teeth cleaning 90 USD

Composite veneer 180 USD

Composite bonding 180 USD

Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) 90 USD


Crowns / Veneers

Metal Ceramic Crown 475 USD

Ceramic crown 535 USD

Porcelain veneer 720 USD

Zirconia crown 535 USD

Temporary crown/veneer 300 USD



Full Denture 775 USD

Partial Denture 595 USD


Implant Procedures

Dental Implant ( implant only ) 710 USD

Porcelain Crown On Implant 890 USD

Sinus lifting 895 USD

"All on Four" System  7.120 USD ( per jaw including temporary teeth and final teeth )

"All on Six" System  8.900 USD ( per jaw including temporary teeth and final teeth )

Bone graft (large) 240 USD

Bone graft (small) 180 USD


Root Canal Treatment 420 USD



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