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About Us

Here in Dentalis Clinics we meet your needs, bringing added comfort to the dentist visit experience.

We are specialist in many areas of dental medicine as  endodontics, periodontics and periodontal surgery, oral implantology, dental prosthetics, orthodontics and dental orthodontics, pedodontics, oral pathology, oral  and maxillo-facial surgery, dental and maxillo-facial radiology.


Dentalis Clinic from Iasi, Iasi county has 2 offices where we perform treatments in General Dentistry, Orthodontics and Dental-Facial Orthopedics, and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

At the Dentalis clinic in Iasi, the team of physicians consists of generalist dentists,  Endodontics specialist,  Parodontology specialist, specialists in Dental Prosthetics, Orthodontics and Dento - Facial Orthopedics specialist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery specialist.


Dentalis  Clinic from Gura Humorului, Suceava county has a General Dentistry office, an Orthodontics and Dento-FacialOrthopedics  office, an Oral and Maxillofacial office and a Dental and MaxiloFacial Radiology Laboratory.

At the Dentalis clinic in Gura Humorului, the team of physicians consists of generalist dentists, Endodontics specialist,  Parodontology specialist, specialists in Dental Prosthetics, Orthodontics and Dento - Facial Orthopedics specialist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery specialist.


Services Offered in Dental Clinics:

When looking for a dentist, you are looking for someone who can provide confidence, support and a high quality treatment.

In Dentalis we offer maximum attention for each patient, clear explanations and high-quality treatments.


Specialized Consultations

Treatment plan,  (radiographs, CT and CBCT), oral hygiene education


General Dentistry

Fillings, preventive restorations


Dental Aesthetics

Teeth whitening, ceramic prosthetic works, zirconium, fillings.


Facial Aesthetics

Lip augmentation, and facial contours.



Treatment of dental pulp diseases, devitalizations and root fillings.



Detachment, brushing and curettage, periodontal disease therapy (gums and bone)


Oral implantology

Insertion of dental implants, bone augmentation (bone grafts), use of platelet rich fibrin (PRF technique for accelerated regeneration).


Dental prosthesis

Mobile prosthetic restorations (composites, ceramics and zirconium), mobile prosthetic restorations with special anchoring elements on outstanding teeth, fixed prosthetic restorations on dental implants, metallic, composite, ceramic and zirconium inlays, onlays.


Pediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics)

Dental treatments for children


Orthodontics and dental-facial orthopedics

Mobile and fixed dental appliances for children and adults


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Periodontal surgery, endodontical surgery, apical curettage, incisions and drainage, odontectomy (extraction of included teeth), alveolotomy, osteotomy, osteoplasty, vestibuloplasty, guided tissue regeneration.


Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology (only at Dentalis Gura Humorului)

Dental radiographs, orthopantomographies, teleradiographies, skull radiographs and temporomandibular joint.



DENTALIS dental and medical tourism


Dental and medical tourism has become increasingly widespread in Romania due to the high quality of the treatments and the low cost. Thanks to the technological development of dental equipment and dental materials in recent years, dental medicine underwent a radical change in Romania through easy access to the international dental community.


The differences between the quality standards of dental treatments performed in Romania compared to other countries have disappeared and the ease of access for the patients and low cost prices have made more and more patients abroad to choose a full service of dental treatments in Romania.


The DENTALIS Dental Medical Tourism Program welcomes the patients from all over the world offering the most effective patient-based solutions in a unique concept based on an integrated dental services system:


*All types of modern dental treatments currently available;

*Services and treatments of the highest quality in accordance with European standards;

*A team of doctors specializing in all branches of dentistry, doctors in medical sciences, members of several national and international medical societies or academic staff;

*The shortest treatment periods at the lowest prices.


Step 1:

Send us a copy of a panoramic radiograph and specify the details of the dental treatment you need. Within 48 hours you will receive a response from us.


Step 2 - Treatment Plan

Study the treatment plan proposed by the team of specialists of the DENTALIS travel program and once you have received all the details, confirm the booking of the treatment period.



Travel to Romania, Iasi or Gura Humorului - Suceava and you will benefit from the DENTALIS tourism program, the only integrated services program designed and organized for the needs of the international patients.



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