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Fully equipped with modern high technology devices and stylish decoration, the Surgery inspires a relaxing feeling to the patients making them feel at home. Our stuff takes care of everything so that your visit can be short, comfortable and above all successful.




• Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

• Teeth whitening (Beyond System, USA)

• Periodontal therapy

• Periodontal surgery

• Dental Implant Surgery

• Composite resin restoration

• Buccal Porcelain laminate veneers

• Feldspathic porcelains

• Tooth extraction

• Tooth extraction surgeries

• Complete dentures

• Temporomandibular Joint Treatments

• Night guards

• Occlusion regulations

• Composite resin veneers

• Endodontic therapy

• Endodontic surgery

• Metal ceramic crowns /bridges

• All ceramic crowns/bridges

• Porcelain inlays and onlays

• Zirconium porcelain crowns/ bridges

• e-max porcelain veneers



Dental Implant Surgery

Pre- prosthetic surgery includes the restoration and function of the denture after teeth loss. We provide , with minimal surgeries, with local anesthesia, only the implants that are nessecary to fill up with teeth the endentaleous part of the joint. The diagnosis is based on Conical Beam Tomography and our clinic provides all the ''Same day Implant and Teeth'' protocols wherever it can be provided.

We use PALTOP implants and our patients usually have been fully recovered after 3 to 4 hours after the surgery.


Teeth whitening (Beyond System, USA)

Whitening is a procedure followed in cosmetic dentistry, with which we improve the color of the teeth. The whitening is also known as the oxidation process. Organic composites are released, so that they can remove the colorings from the teeth, making them whiter and brighter. This can be done at the Doctor’s surgery in one session or at home, with the use of night guards for one to two weeks. Or alternatively, the patient can start with one visit at the Doctor’s surgery and continue the procedure at home wearing night guards for excellent esthetic results.


Complete dentures

Complete denture prosthodontics for patients who suffer from teeth loss is a procedure which is connected to the quality of life and strictly related to the person’s image and social life. Therefore, we are obliged to provide fabrications “so fake that look like real”. Modern dentists ought to restore the denture of toothless patients perfectly, since it is about vulnerable social groups who cannot afford the updated dental techniques (implant restoration procedure).


All ceramic crowns/bridges

Cosmetic dentistry has developed several all-ceramic systems to meet the increased expectations of patients for highly aesthetic results. Prosthetic dentistry, investing more and more in new technology, fabricates all ceramic crowns and bridges with the use of the following systems: Zirconium-porcelain crowns

Zirconium bridges are fabricated with the use of the CAD/CAM technology (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, i.e Zenotec System of the Wieland Dental Company) and IPS Empress e.max (of the Ivoclar Vivadent Company).

Making good use of their knowledge and continuous training, the personnel of Prosthetic dentistry is able to fabricate all ceramic crowns and all ceramic bridges made of a variety of materials, based upon the shape, the function and the color of natural teeth. Apart from the excellent fabrication and fitting, the Prosthetic dentistry can also help with the right selection of the best material suitable for each case and can also guarantee a beautiful smile and a satisfied patient.


Porcelain inlays and onlays

Resin or porcelain inlays are fabricated in the dental lab and it is by far the most appropriate method for restoration especially in cases of broken, fractured or decayed teeth.

When the tooth damage is extensive, it cannot be dealt with a simple filling. That is why the dentists prefer the technique of resin or porcelain inlay restoration.

The porcelain inlay is securely bonded to the tooth and it gives us a fabulous smile and a safe result provided the fitting right.

What is most important is that the procedure does not require the complete reshaping of the tooth. The low-speed handpiece is used only in the damaged area. The inlays and onlays are safer than the traditional fillings because they actually strengthen the tooth. They also last much longer than the regular fillings, up to 10-15 years. They are not affected by temperature changes and they are not decolorized over the years.



About our region



Ioannina,is the capital of Epirus region. It's located around Lake Pamvotida. The climate of the region and character of the town are defined by this stretch of water – the area’s trademark. The lake, with  its small island, is a natural monument, around which the entire area lives. Town has strong cultural traditions, it's a home to a number of great novelists and poets. Artistic and intellectual events are organized throughout the year.

Ioannina was always multicultural place, dominated mainly by Christian, Islamic and Jewish influences. This is clearly evident in the historic city centre.


How to get there:

It takes just 3 hours from Thessaloniki on the Egnatia Highway. From Athens it can be reached via Patras, on the wonderful route over the Rio Antirrio Bridge.


Public transport also services the access road to the city. There is alternative of taking the ferry boat to Igoumenitsa, and from there continuing by car to Ioannina. Epirus is served by frequent air flights to and from the King Pyrrhus Airport.



Epirus is positioned in the north-west part of Greece, between the mountain range of Pindos and the Ionian sea. Mountainous scenery is impressive, coastal as well. The entire area has many mountains and rivers. Fertile valleys interrupt the mountain from north to south. The climate of the coastline is moderate, while in the interior it is harsh, with heavy and snowy winters, frequent frost. The villages and cities have always been connected via a number of trails carved through the many mountains. This contributed to the flourishing of trade and the development of the region.


Epirus is internationally considered as an ideal place for all kinds of alternative tourism. Untouched mountainous mass of Pindos,virgin forests, mountain lakes and the untamed slopes provide wide range of outdoor activities in a beautiful scenery.



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