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IovuDENT is conveniently located in city Ialoveni. Led by dentist Iovu Grigore, we provide comprehensive dentistry services for the patients with complex dental problems and cosmetic dental concerns. Our dentists focus on diagnosing and solving the root of the problem to ensure beautiful, long lasting, comfortable results. You can expect one-on-one attention from your dentist. They will take the time to listen to your goals and concerns and educate you on your treatment options to help you make the best decisions for your long-term dental health and happiness. Dr.Iovu Grigore and his professional team believe in serving the source of your smile. Focused not just on dental care but on balancing health, beauty and function of your smile, mouth and body.



• Complex Diagnostics

• X-Ray Diagnostics

• Hygiene and Prophylaxis

• Room of Endodontics

• Tooth restoration

• Dental Surgery

• Tooth implantation

• Periodontics

• Dental prosthetics

• Orthodontics

• Pediatric dentistry

• Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder



Tooth implantation

Patients with missing teeth problem are recommended to do a dental implantation for the purpose of rational prosthetics. After meticulous examination (X-ray examination including computed tomography of maxillofacial area, laboratory research, allied specialist consultations) doctors identify indications and contraindications to this method of treatment, it’s stages and determine whether there is a necessity of additional operative interventions. The department of dental surgery conducts all kinds of tooth implantation – both one- and two-phase with the use of different techniques: dental implant installation just after removal of tooth, in 6-8 weeks after the removal and also instead of teeth removed (or that came out) long ago. When conditions are favorable for that immediate loading is possible, that is immediate crown fixing on installed implant. For one visit patients go out of the clinic with “new temporary teeth” and confident smile. Our medical centre applies the implants from leading manufacturers such as Tooth implantation Alpha Bio; A.B.; AlphaDent; ADIN(Israel), IHDE Dental (Switzerland), TEKKA(France) and others.


Dental implant – is an artificial tooth. It is usually made of pure titanium. Dental implant is very solid and reliable artificial tooth. Currently, tooth implantation is an actively developing area. This technique is really sure and effective. The multitude of people in the world are the lucky men to have dental implants installed, which makes it possible for them to feel another life quality, with reliable teeth, without removable dentures. Implantation is a complicated and important procedure. Tooth implantation experience keeps on accumulating and being critically appreciated. Currently, world statistics shows that only 2-3 % of implants installed following all necessary rules and with no contraindications may be not acclimated (98 % of success).



Dental prosthetics

The Prostethic doctor is the one that deals with a final stage of dental treatment: full anatomical and functional renovation of dentition.

An orthopedist is a creator in the full sense of the word: he is the creator of human smile, diction, aesthetics and his mood.

Dental prosthetics is one of the most important missions of modern dentistry, as inadequate nutrition causes a number of gastrointestinal tract diseases as well as unaesthetic look, which makes patient go and see dental orthopedist.




Orthodontic treatment helps to align the teeth, change their position, state of gums; to create an optimum relationship between upper and lower jaw teeth. Constant development of the orthodontic in dentistry is caused by technologies and materials modernization. Our medical center uses materials from world-known firms such as “Dentaurum”, “Schutz-Dental”, “ORMCO Company”, “3M-UNITECK”, “GAC”, “TP Orthodontics”, “G&H Wire”, “Leone”, “Medesy”, “Myofunctional Research” and others. The quality of products is confirmed by their successful long-lasting use in the advanced clinics of Germany, USA, Italy, Great Britain, Australia and other countries. Our Medical center provides orthodontic treatment both for children and adults. Successful orthodontic problem solving does not depend on the age, that’s why adult patients form considerable part of the general number of our patients. We observe children starting from preschool age till the end of teething and facial skeleton formation processes.



Dental Surgery

The cabinet of dental surgery of IovuDENT centre is provided with cutting-edge equipment, instruments and products for all kinds of surgical procedure.

Highly qualified surgeons provide multimodality treatment of diseases of periodontium tissues and carry out surgical procedures.



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