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Viimsi Äritare

Paadi Street 3

Viimsi Parish, 74001


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About us


Lumen Dental Clinic was established in 1993 and it is located on the scenic seaside in Viimsi.

Lumen is Latin for “light“. We offer high quality dental care, prosthodontic and implant services in a private and comfortable environment.

Many nice and cooperative patients have left with gratitude in their eyes, inspiring us to keep developing further. We value Your time and needs.

Years of experience gives us a solid knowledge that we are needed. We appreciate Your trust.


Your concerns are ours – we do our best to solve them quickly and without pain !

We are:

*available when You need us

*open minded




*eager to learn and open to innovations


We provide private care, giving You a sense of safety and “being treated as family”.


Dr. Merike Immato - Dentist and CEO of the clinic


Dr. Merike Immato graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tartu in 1987. She is the owner of and dentist at Lumen Dental Clinic since 1993.


Dr. Immato has long-term experience in therapeutic dental care, she consults and instructs younger colleagues and deals with daily management of the clinic.

In order to be abreast of professional innovations, she has attended many training courses both home and abroad – in UK, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.


She is the member of the Estonian Dental Association, founder and board member of the Viimsi Association of Business and Professional Women (Viimsi Ettevõtlike Daamide Assotsiatsioon), and was president of the association from 2005-2008.

Since 2012 until 2014, Dr. Immato trains to be a regression therapist at the Holistic Therapy Institute.





In the course of consultation, we check the current condition of your oral cavity, discuss existing or potential problems, suggest and explain possible treatment solutions.

We will prepare treatment plan, or several plans if necessary, in order to find suitable and satisfying outcome.

Budget depends on the treatment plan.

Analysis of your teeth consists in visual observation, findings from digital intraoral and panoramic radiograph imaging, and pictures and videos taken by means of modern intraoral camera SoproLife. If necessary, we will scan with intraoral scanner your jaws to analyse future course of treatment on digital model.

Contemporary digital diagnostic devices ensure excellent image quality at minimum radiation dose and help to diagnose dental problems.


*Panoramic x-ray

Digital panoramic x-ray gives a detailed overview of the whole maxilla and mandible of the patient, which is essential for many treatment, prosthodontic and surgical procedures.Lumen Dental Clinic also provides panorama radiography as a separate service.

The patient receives the image file on a CD, including the Kodak Image Viewer software for viewing it.



If you are worried about a missing tooth or teeth, you may consider placing implants in your jawbone. This allows replacement of roots of missing teeth and providing abutments for placing crowns. Procedure takes place in sterile environment and under local anaesthesia, and it is relatively quick.

In frequent cases, patient’s jawbone has receded as a result of a missing tooth and it needs to be “grown” in the course of the surgery. We use innovative technology A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) and also artificial bone granules, as necessary. During the surgery, other surgical procedures may become necessary.

We use NeoBiotech (South-Korea) and ICX (Germany) implants


*Dental Care

Dental care comprises treatment of dental caries caused by microbial activity in decomposing dental tissue, mostly enamel or dentin. Treatment depends on the extent and location of damage on the tooth surface. Entire damaged tissue is removed and a filling is placed.

Our clinic uses only high quality state-of-the-art light-curing filling materials. They are applied by using manual instrument or SonicFill device that ensures dispensing the material at high speed and pressure.


*One day dentistry

Lumen Dental Clinic has digital dental care experience since 2013, and we were among the first ones in Estonia to introduce the technology described below.

Using Cerec CAD/CAM technology to prepare crowns and bridges has changed the nature of our daily work.

Restoration of a deteriorated tooth by using dental crown, replacing a missing tooth with dental bridge or providing the front teeth with aesthetical look takes just 1 day.

Speed, comfort and accuracy – these are the advantages of Cerec CAD/CAM technology.

Crowns, bridges and veneers are made in the clinic and if so requested by the patient, it is possible to see how they are modelled and milled.

We start by preparing the tooth, which includes grinding the tooth, and sometimes also building up tooth core for placing the dental crown later on.

New crown, veneer, ceramic filling or dental bridge are modelled by using virtual model based on images scanned with digital camera, and the milling machine mills it out from the ceramic block.

Beautiful, accurate and quick result – “a new tooth” is ready in only a few hours after starting the work.



There are various options to replace or reshape teeth with dentures:


Non-removable dentures

Dental crown



Ceramic filling or inlay/onlay

Cast post


Removable dentures

Plate denture

Bugel denture

Complete denture


Combined dentures


*Ceramic crowns and fillings

Lumen Dental Clinic uses CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology for digital modelling and preparation of fillings, crowns and bridges.


*Root Treatment

Depending on the nature of the root canal inflammation, the number of required treatment stages is one to five.


*Gum Treatment



We provide following surgical services:

Tooth removal

Soft tissue surgeries with laser


*Teeth Whitening


*Calculus Removal


*Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a process to remove dental plaque and pigment, polishing of teeth, blasting of dental surfaces and periodontal pockets.


PRICE LIST ( all prices are indicated in Euros. The price list is informative only. Patient can get the final price after the consultation with the Doctor ).


Visit fee - 12€

Dentist’s consultation up to 15 min. - 15€

Dentist’s consultation up to 30 min. - €30

Composite filling - From 54€

Professional Whitening of all teeth - 198€


Partial denture - From 407€

Full denture - From 455€

Metal-ceramic crown - 280€

Full ceramic CAD/CAM anterior crown / veneer - From 400€

Full ceramic CAD/CAM implant screw retained CAD/CAM crown with TiBase - From 596€


Tooth extraction (according to the level of complexity) - 35-120€

Wisdom tooth extraction (according to the level of complexity) - 80-135€

Implant placement - From 730€


Fillers - From 299€

Mesotherapy - From 75€

Biorevitalizatsion - From 239€

I-PRF - From 350€



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