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About Us / How to find Us


In our clinic you can get best possble care at affordable prices. Our dental clinic is equipped with the most modern technology and we have years of experience with international patients.


Mexicali is accessible from the United States through Calexico on Highway 111 (from El Centro and points north) and Highway 98 East (Yuma) and West (San Diego) via I-8 or as of 2011 you can cross by car through the East Port of Entry by going through Calexico on the SR 7


Mexicali's General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada International Airport (IATA: MXL), is located 20 km east of the city and offers services to all types of flights, private and commercial. There are daily flights out of the Airport to other major cities in México. The following airlines serve Mexicali:


Aeromexico, Aeromexico Connect. goes to Guadalajara & Mexico City. 'Connect' also goes to/from Cualican and Monterey. To/from Tijuana by bus operated by EcoBaja Tours and to/from Los Angeles on a bus operated by Intercalifornias .


From within the U.S. the nearest airport is Imperial County Airport [IPL] located in Imperial, CA. The airport is served by daily flights from LAX and Yuma, AZ and is a twenty minute drive to the Calexico-Mexicali border crossing. The closest major airport is San Diego.


Equipment and Technology


Intraoral camera

Is a small lightweight camera that helps the patient to observe on the computer’s monitor the condition of their teeth at the beginning and end of treatment.


Intraoral x-ray sensor digital system

A valuable tool through a digital sensor that allows both the doctor and the patient to see the computer monitor the state of bone and dental restorations.



A device through ultrasonic vibration helps to remove the tartar, improving cleaning of the patient’s teeth in a very comfortable way.


Led curing light

It is a plasma lamp that works for restoration with resin.



With this fastest conventional sterilizer in our Dental Clinic we follow all the procedures required to have safe and sterile instruments for each patient fulfilling the requirements of the American Dental Association and of the Mexican Dental Association.


Dental laboratory

We are fully equipped with the best technology to develop from an occlusal guard and porcelain crowns to total plates, as well as to rehabilitate dental implants.




We have highly qualified doctors in constant readiness to always provide quality service. It is also why we have received several awards that evidence the good work we do.


• Prophylaxis

Its is the first procedure we provide, the ultrasonic cleaning prepares the mouth to receive all the restorations in a better condition.


• Resins

It's a tough tooth-like color used material when caries are small, or to replace amalgam.


• Veneers

Porcelain restorations in a minimum thickness used to remove spaces or give a harmonious smile effect.


• Crowns

Used over decayed, cracked or chipped teeth, crowns protect your teeths while restoring tooth structure.


• Dental Bridge

Used to restore the missing tooth. It can also restore chew function.


• Teeth Whitening

A safe procedure that lightens the color of your teeth while it helps to prevent tooth decay.


• Implants

Implants are titanium screws which are inserted into the bone in cases where missing teeth, then, on the screw to place bridges, crowns or full dentures as appropriate.


• Endodontics

When decay is very deep, the tooth can be saved by removing the nerve and filling the tooth with a material that will give you strength for several years.


• Oral Surgery

It applies to the extraction of third molars or teeth included.


• Orthodontics

It is through a careful study of the growth of bones and teeth that can accommodate teeths for proper function and aesthetics.






Regular Teeth Cleaning 50 USD

Deep Cleaning ( per quadrant ) 100 USD

Laser Teeth Whitening 200 USD

Composite Filling 50 - 70 USD

Extraction Simple 40 USD

Surgical Extraction 250 USD

Inlay/Onlay 300 USD


Porcelain Metal Crown 300 - 450 USD

Full Porcelain Crown 300 USD

Zirconia Crown 400 USD

Porcelain Veneers 300 USD

Zirconia Veneer 450 USD

Composite Veneer 100 USD

Temporary crown / veneer 120 USD


Partial Denture 350 - 480 USD

Full Denture 650 - 700


Dental Implant 500 USD

Implant Crown 480 USD

DIO Implant + crown + abutment 1030 USD

Straumann Implant + crown + abutment 1800 USD

Bone graft small 290 USD

Bone graft Large 1200 USD

Sinus Lift 1200 USD

All on 4     7500 USD

All on 6     8000 USD


Root Canal 250 USD



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