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About Us


Temelci Dental Clinic is situated in the historic harbour town of Kyrenia, North Cyprus’ premium tourist destination. With over 25 year experience, the clinic is ISO accredited and Nural Temelci is a fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI).


The clinic provides high quality extensive dental care and treatments to both domestic and international patients offering excellent value for money dental solutions.


We are able to maintain this high quality approach by only using the best materials and equipment. For example our dental implants and bone grafts are only from the ‘Straumann Group’ the world’s leading implant brand.


In addition, we have our own in-house dental laboratory, staffed by highly skilled dental technicians who use the latest techniques and again, only quality materials are used. There are many advantages in having an in-house team of dental technicians, primarily all the control of the treatment procedures from ‘a-z’ are under one roof and you are not reliant on 3rd party technicians in terms of time, quality and costs. These factors are incredibly important for time-constrained dental tourism.



Dental services


Within our clinic we provide dental services such as:


· Dental Implants

· Aesthetic Dentistry

· Zirconium / Porcelain Crown / E-max cad veneer and crown

· Dental Bonding

· Teeth Whitening

· Teeth Cleaning

· Porcelain restorations (crown, bridge prosthesis)

· Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

· Aesthetic Fillings

· Gum Diseases

· Orthodontic Treatments


Consultation and treatment plans


On receipt of your x-ray/ panoramic and health record we are able to provide an indicative treatment plan. Upon arrival we will take another panoramic (free of charge) and provide an up-to-date consultation and finalise your requirements. In the case of dental implants (and some other canal treatments), we will also take a tomography (again, free of charge) so that we can provide a comprehensive analysis and deliver a precision service. This is incredibly important for patients who are diabetic; have high blood pressure/heart conditions and rheumatoid arthritis as the jaw bone may not be as strong.

Straumann’s SLActive dental implant is designed to cater for these special circumstances.


Dental implants


Dental implants are now the preferred choice of patients for missing tooth/teeth treatments. Why?


· The implant acts as a tooth root and therefore maintains your jaw bone structure.

· Prevents bone loss in the jaw and maintains your face line shape.

· Provides patients with confidence to bite, chew and smile.

· Prevents the teeth either side of the missing tooth from being ‘drilled down’ in order to create a bridge.

· In the longer term, implants can be more cost effective that continual bridge repairs and replacements.


Dental implants are appropriate for:


· Single tooth loss.

· Multiple tooth loss.

· Full mouth dentures (fixed).

· Full mouth dentures (removable).


For dental implants we do not compromise on quality and will only use the highest quality materials. Temelci Dental Clinic primarily uses Straumann implants, the world’s leading implant brand because it is the highest quality and also ‘Medentika’, a quality implant brand within the Straumann Group. The osseo-integration process (the implant bonding and binding with the jaw bone) is crucial to the long term success of stable implants and therefore only the best materials are used.



Price list


Composite Filling £40

Extraction Simple £30

Extraction (surgical/impacted) £100

Porcelain inlay/onlay £150

Teeth Whitening (full mouth) £260

Regular teeth cleaning £35

Composite veneer £100

Deep cleaning scalling (full mouth)£250


Crowns / Veneers

Metal porcelain crown £90

Zirconia crown £160

E-max cad veneer £180

Temporary crown/veneer - free



Full Denture £800

Partial Denture £400


Implant Procedures

Dental Implant – Straumann (implant and abutment) £850 + zirconia crown £160

Dental Implant – Medentika (implant and abutment) £700 + zirconia crown £160


"All on Four" – (Straumann Pro-arch system, with acrylic denture) £4400

"All on Four" – (Medentika, with acrylic denture) £3800

"All on Six" – (Straumann, Hybrid system, porcelain crowns) £6800

"All on Six" – (Straumann fixed system porcelain crowns) £6200

"All on Six" – (Straumann, fixed system, zirconia crowns) £7000

"All on Six" – (Medentika, fixed system porcelain crowns) £5300

"All on Six" – (Medentika, fixed system, zirconia crowns) £6100


Bone graft (large) £200

Bone graft (small) £150

Membrane (large) £200

Membrane (small) £150


Sinus lifting £500 (if implant treatment included)

Sinus lifting £800 (if no implant treatment included)


Root Canal Treatment (single) £120



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