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About Us

Modern dentists have acknowledged the concept of lifelong learning. This is the least the society we serve requires.

We present to you a team of established and renowned specialists – university professors and, at the same time, actively practising dentists. Our aspiration is to ensure ideal balance between traditional and clinically established innovative technologies in the training programmes we present. With all the knowledge and skill you will gain, you will be more productive, and you will also achieve greater success and satisfaction in the dentist profession.

We offer specialised practical courses in various fields of dental medicine. Our leading clinicians demonstrate the latest technologies, the best proven techniques and innovative clinical solutions. During the training, specialists provide objective information unrelated to any commercial and company interest.

We offer our colleagues individual consultations to aid the solution of complex clinical cases.

We will gladly support you to reach the next level of you professional path.



At the heart of our philosophy lies the motto “Patients deserve the best treatment and the best attitude!”.

For the first time in Bulgaria, a dental clinic of the highest class opened under the guidance of Professor Dr Joshua Moshonov and the participation of a team of world-renowned specialists. Thanks to the complex treatment by professionals of worldwide importance in all fields of dental medicine, combined with the strict observance of the highest treatment standards, and the perfect attitude to patients, we can provide more opportunities and various options for treatment.

ROYAL DENT clinic cooperates with leading medical centres in Israel.




• Dental implantology

We have been working with implants since 1993. This is definitely the best restoration option for a single or several missing teeth. Placing an implant requires profound specific knowledge in medicine, so that a long-term aesthetic and functional effect can be achieved. That is why you will receive implantology treatment ONLY by a specialist periodontist or surgeon.

In complex clinical cases, dentophobia (fear of dental treatment) or due to medical indications, treatment under general anaesthesia or sedation is a priority. In some cases, a painless completion of the entire treatment in a single stage is possible. In these cases, the patient comes with bad, broken, crooked, etc. teeth, and wakes up with a beautiful smile and no more pain.


• Aesthetic dental medicine

Planning your perfect smile is a complex process that requires time and vast knowledge in biology, aesthetics, optics, etc. At this preliminary stage, you share with us how you would like your smile to look like. We make a preliminary project based on photos, X-ray images, computed tomography, an impression of your teeth, computer analysis of hard and soft dental tissues.

The preliminary design (WAX-UP) is made in a dental laboratory, and it will give you the opportunity to see an example of the final result at the very beginning. At this stage, if necessary, we can make corrections depending on your preferences – shape, size, colour, etc. This stage is finalised only after your approval.

Our specialists prepare a final treatment plan in writing, which gives you the opportunity to control the entire process, and, most importantly, it gives you certainty about the final result – the perfect smile you have always dreamt of.


• Orthodontics

Together with Dr Milena Bakish, Dr Mazor specialises in modern orthodontic treatment aided by state-of-the-art technologies of invisible orthodontics.


• Endodontics

Endodontics is a narrow speciality of dental medicine. It deals with treating dental pulp diseases and their complications. Knowledge and use of the latest technologies in dental medicine and more specifically in endodontics allow us to give our patients the opportunity to preserve their already treated teeth for many years to come.


• Prosthetic dental medicine

Restoration or correction of all aesthetic parameters and chewing and speech functions .


• Gum treatment

Periodontal diseases are a main cause for tooth loss in adults. 90% of the population suffers from gum inflammation. Healthy gums are a mandatory condition for the success of the treatment plan performed. Professor Goldstein is our specialist in the field.


• Prevention

Your new beautiful smile needs constant care.


• Painless treatment

Comfortable and painless treatment is a mandatory principle of work in our clinic.


• Oral surgery

Wide range of oral surgery treatments.


• Children's dental medicine

Children's dental treatment requires an extremely responsible approach. These first visits to Professor Peretz determine what attitude towards treatment you child will grow up with. Whether they will take care of their health and visit the dentist regularly or they will keep postponing visits and treatment for their whole life and thus harming their health.


• Consultation of specialists

It usually takes a lot of time and, at times, a lot of nerves to get consulted by a narrow specialist regarding a certain problem. This is all the more true if the specialists are world-renowned, very busy, living and working in different places or countries.


• Complex treatment

To achieve this goal, when necessary, all patients are examined and consulted by our team.





Removal of tartar - 50 Euros

Segment X Ray - 5 Euros

Panoramic X Ray - 50 Euros

Computed Tomography ( CT ) - 150 Euros

CBCT - 200 Euros


Tooth Extraction - from 150 Euros


Aesthetic Restoration - 150 Euros


Temporary Crown - 110 Euros


Single Aestehtic Crown or Veneer - 1200 Euros


Implant - 1200 Euros

Zirconium Implant - 2000 Euros


Partial or Full Denture - 800 Euros


Denture on 4 implants - 3300 Euros


Laser Teeth Whitening - 1500 Euros



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