Dental Clinic Arte Dental by Dr. Claudia Concepcion M. - Santo Domingo


Plaza Sajoma IV

Los prados


( Right in front of the

club Los Prados.

Lorenzo Despradel

street in the corner of  

Olof palmer *Second

floor dental clinic Dres. Baldeón)


Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic

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About Us


In our dental clinic, located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic you can get a full range of dental treatments.

We are providing dental procedures in a modern and relaxed space using the most advanced technology and always the best materials.

For each patient we are making individual treatment plan.

Our team is experienced in working with international patients.

Our clinic is highly specialized in aesthetic dentistry and implantology providing first class service.




*General Dentistry

Hygiene Treatments

Aesthetic Fillings




*Aesthetic Dentistry


Teeth Whitening







Gum Treatments



Root Canal Treatments





PRICE LIST ( Price list is informative ).


Dental Evaluation 55 USD

Dental Clenaing 120 USD

Dental cleaning ( scaling per quadrant ) 250 USD

Composite rehabilitation 75 - 150 USD

3D Printer Models 100 USD

Smile Design Evaluation Dental Scanning 100 USD

Diagnosis Wax Up per Teeth 30.00 USD

Mock Up Fase For Smile desing Approval 75 USD


Direct Composite Veneer 150.00 USD

Ceramage  Coposite Veneer 250.00 USD

Ceramic Veneer 350.00 USD

Dental Bleaching 200.00 USD

Temporary Crown/Veneer 27.00 USD

Metal Ceramic Crown 380.00 USD

Zirconia Crown 420.00 USD

Emax Crown 420.00 USD

Fiberglass Post120.00 USD

Casting Bolt 55.00 USD


Anterior Rooth Canal  180.00 USD

Posterior Rooth Canal 265.00 USD


Extraction Simple 35.00 USD

Extraction (surgical/impacted) 265.00 USD


Dental Implant 500.00 USD

Prosthetic Abutments for implant 200.00 USD

Dental Implaant Screw porcelain Crown 450 USD

Zirconia Dental Implant Crown 550.00 USD

All on Six implanto Supported System in Acrylic900.00 USD

Ceramic All on Six implanto Supported System 1,537.00 USD

All on four implanto Supported System in Acrylic 800.00 USD

Ceramic All on Four implanto Supported System 1,400.00 USD

Bone Draft per Gram 265.00 USD


Full Acrilic Denture 265.00 USD

Partial Acrilic Denture 200.00 USD



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