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About Us


We would like to cordially invite you to experience the professionalism of our specialists and the pleasant atmosphere.

The clinic integrates all dentistry specialties under one roof.

This makes it possible to refer the patients towards the particular specialist for achieving the optimal result.

We achieve good quality of services with the use of tried and tested materials that satisfy our requirements and the ones of the patients.


Why choose our Clinic


• Highly motivated and qualified team is at your disposal with a sense of responsibility and empathy.

• During the first consultation we discuss all patient’s wishes and problems and offer the possible treatment ways.

• In coordination with you we offer you a treatment plan. In order to achieve better clarity we use special demonstration models, photographs, video and sketches.

• Personal service awaits you in the clinic in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. We complement this with high comfort level and cutting edge equipment.

• The patients that experience pain are never rejected.

• Our main objective is to preserve and improve your natural smile.





Prophylactics is essential in our clinic, because thanks to it we could avoid teeth and gums diseases. Professional clean-up of dental plaque and tartar is a necessary  for the maintenance of oral cavity health. This cleaning procedure destroys bacteria and dental surfaces colorization being the reasons for the development of cavities and gum diseases. Thanks to the cutting edge ultrasound equipment and a special polishing appliance we clean the most inaccessible locations that patients are not able to clean on their own.



In order to make your smile prettier we offer several whitening techniques•

• Zoom Laser

• Home whitening – thanks to an aligner individually prepared for your teeth and a whitening gel you could whiten the colour of your teeth at home.

• Internal whitening – in the case of tooth that is overly colorized (most often in brown, grey, reddish-brownish after root treatment) we could implement internal whitening and restore tooth’s natural colour.


Aesthetic dentistry

• Veneers

• Ceramic inlays

• Composite restorations



Thanks to veneers we could correct teeth colorizations (spots), distances in-between teeth or slight breaks in the frontal area. Depending on the problem we could correct several teeth. Veneers are made of pure ceramics and they have a totally natural appearance. The color can be selected depending on patient’s wishes.


Purely ceramic crowns (press ceramics).

• Thanks to the fact there is no metal that makes the construction look greyish, the purely ceramic crown approximates to the highest degree possible like the natural tooth with its transparency and typical light reflection.

• The absence of metal in the purely ceramic constructions makes them biologically bearable and do not cause allergy.

• They do not conduct heat and cold irritations.

• They do not colorize the surrounding soft tissues in the typical dark-greyish colours.


Prosthetic dentistry

When it comes to restoring missing teeth we aim at achieving the best possible aesthetics, as well as functionalityCrowns and bridges are made of zirconium.


Dental implantology

If one tooth is missing, or several or all of them, dental implantology is the most cutting edge procedure, with the best aesthetics and most comfortable manner to restore dentition and normal masticatory function.

If good oral hygiene is maintained, and you pay regular visits to your dentist, the implants could last a lifetime".

In the clinic we use implants that have proven themselves throughout time and enjoy a long clinical history of over 40 years.


Advantages of implants:

• Natural tooth sensation thanks to their stability.

• Aesthetics – the tooth replaced by implant looks like a natural one because gum adapts very well to the implant and this results in а natural appearance. This is essential in the case of dentures in the frontal area, because the aesthetics there are of great importance.

• Preservation of the neighbouring teeth – unlike the conventional bridges, in the case of implants we do not have to touch the neighbouring teeth and include them in the bridge construction.

• Bone preservation – dental implants get the same load like the natural teeth and this helps preserve bone shape and volume. In the case of bridges and dentures the bone in the area of the missing teeth is not loaded and this results in its disappearance and lips and cheeks sinking in that area.

• In the case of distally unlimited defects – if no “rear” teeth are available, thanks to implants we could make a bridge instead of a removable denture.

• Toothless jaw – in the case of removable dentures, with the assistance of implants it could be fixed in a very stable manner. This way the patient is able to eat, speak and smile freely.


Assisted dental implantology

In the complicated cases, for example with small bone volume or in order to protect the nerve or sinus, implants are placed thanks to 3D diagnostics. Doctor performs a 3D research of the area where implants should be placed, then the dentist-implantologist elaborates a 3D analysis of the surgical field and prepares an implantologic guide with which to place the implants. This way we choose the right implant size and define the most suitable position of where to place it. This makes implantology more secure, predictive and more pleasant for you.


Oral surgery

• Surgical tooth extraction (removal)

• Molars’ extraction

• Apical osteotomy

• Frenulotomy

• Uncovering impacted teeth

• Cystectomy



• Despite the advancement of modern dental medicine, preservation of natural teeth is still the best solution. When the tooth nerve is inflamed or it is already dead, we should perform an accurate root treatment.



Gingivitis is gum inflammation and periodontitis is chronic inflammation of the teeth retaining apparatus with tightening (lysing) of the structures that support the tooth, including the bone, which could result in teeth  loose.

Gum inflammation (gingivitis) and teeth retaining apparatus (periodontitis) inflammation are among the most common diseases. Periodontitis can be found in people aged 40-50, even though the first symptoms appear much earlier.


Paediatric dentistry


Orthodontics for adults and children



PRICE LIST ( Informative only, for a final price consultation is necessary ).


Dental Implant ( including abutment and surgery ) Biohorizons - 1000 Euros

Metal Ceramic Crown - 300 Euros

Zirconium Crown ( Lifetime Warranty ) - 500 Euros



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