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Combining dedication and experience, we come up with the best treatment solutions for our pacients.

Treatments in our clinic are provided by highly trained dental professionals in a modern and relaxed enviroment.

Treatments are completely pain-free.


All doctors at the clinic love their job and, moreover, they love people.


In our clinic we respect each patient making individual treatment plan.


We are in constant training bringing new methods to improve our service from day to day.

We are convinced that the best results are achieved when you add friendship to the passion you have for the work you do therefore our mission is completed  when people leave the cabinet happy, with a great smile.




*Implantology / Surgery


When a tooth is missing, not only the appearance of the face is affected, but also the functionality of the entire mouth and even the body.


Classic implant


The implant is a piece of pure titanium, similar to a screw that replaces the root of a tooth placed through insertion into the jaw bone, where one or more natural teeth are missing.


Immediate implants


A more effective version and the procedure is immediate loading that eliminates the waiting time.

The procedure is done in one day.


Fast and fixed system


This revolutionary method is for the patients whith the lack of all teeth.

Painless insertion of implants and denture application in one day.

Immediate extraction, implantation, and immediate prosthetic procedures can be done within 24 hours.


Some of the advantages of dental implants


*It is not painful

*It gives you comfort and confidence

*Provides durable, aesthetic and easy to maintain results

*It is not a complicated intervention

*Provides correct teeth functionality

*Allows you to chew easily and correctly


Guided surgery


Digitally guided implantation technique is the alternative to traditional technique, because with state-of-the-art medical equipment, it allows the intervention to be carried out with maximum precision, improving the aesthetic results and the quality of the medical act. It is the most modern, safe and less traumatic technique of oral surgery performed with the use of ultrasounds and diamonds.


Aesthetic Dentistry



Made in the dental laboratory and applied to the surface of the tooth, the facets or veneers considerably improving the appearance of the teeth.



Lumineers have become increasingly popular treatment, promoted by Hollywood stars giving you the option to have glamorous, white, perfectly formed teeth.



Depending on each patient's diet, the effect of bleaching may take between 2 and 5 years, resulting in up to 3 lighter shades.


*Dental jewelry

More and more fashionable are dental jewels, which are usually used by people with an already impeccable teeth, or after having performed an aesthetic work.

Achieved without any intervention on the dental structure, the procedure has immediate effect.


*Correction of the gum line

Microsurgery that gives the smile and even the face a whole new look.

The intervention is minimally invasive and has a role in preventing serious gum disease.


*General Dentistry




*Endodontic treatments

Endodontic treatment is a procedure designed to eliminate dental pulp infection and protect decontaminated areas from other microbial aggressions, mostly caused by untreated caries.



Non-invasive dental procedure, which should be periodically repeated, removing plaque from the teeth, leaving smooth, polished and clean surfaces.




*Dental Crowns



Partial or total dentures (lack of one, several or all of the teeth) if, for various reasons, implant  can not be performed.




*Pediatric Dentistry





Consultation and teeth cleaning FREE


Fast and Fixed sistem – immediate restoration in one session

6 implants and temporary restoration - 4500 Euros


Fast and fixed lower jaw

4 implants and temporary restoration - 3500 Euros


Clasic Implant (healing 4-6 months) - 400 Euros


Immediate Loading Implant - 600 euro


Zirconium crown - 280 Euros


Matal - ceramic ( Porcelain) crown - 150 Euros


E max Veneers - 350 Euros





High standard dentistry services for affordable prices.


We offer a complete package and following services

-transfer from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport

-hotel accommodation during the treatment

-touristic program



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