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About Us


In our dental clinic you can get full range of dental treatments provided by highly experienced and educated team.


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Dental Implants from 500 Euros

Teeth Whitening from 100 Euros




Implantology is one of the areas of dentistry that deals with the replacement of missing teeth.

Our clinic is well experienced in implantology with the theam of highly trained and experienced specialists. Thanks to modern equipment and technology we are able to achieve great results. Oral implantology applied at replacement:

• a single tooth

• some teeth

• all  teeth

• to support dentures


Before implantology treatment it is necessary to do following

• Complete blood analysis

• Clotting time

• Check Up (ECG, consultation with pathology specialist doctor systemic hypertension, diabetes ... etc)


After we performed all necessary tests we will open a medical document whith the full history of the patient's health status. Once we have all the necessary information through analysis, medical anamnesis, radiographic examination, we can build a treatment plan which is then presented to the patient signs for the approval. The procedure is done under local anesthesia or under sedation depending on the patient



Fluoridation of teeth is a very simple procedure and very efficient, for the preservation of teeth. Done in a single session with a professional paste  with a large percentage of fluoride, left a few minutes on the surface of teeth for the long term effect.


Aesthetic Treatments

Smile plays an important role in communicating with people; a beautiful smile often offers more than words can provide.

• Composite fillings

• Porcelain inlay

• Porcelain crowns

• Veneers

• Whitening of Teeth




In our clinic we offer high quality orthodontics therapy. This problems can be caused by local factors, such as  dental injuries, early loss of milk teeth, finger suction habit, lips or nail biting etc. Evaluation and accurate diagnosis is the key to solving your problem.



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