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About us

Dr. Katja Doneva (dentist - orthodontist from Sofia) graduated from Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Sofia. In 1991 - major general dentistry at the Medical University of Sofia. In 1995. acquires specialty orthodontics at the Dental Faculty of the Medical University of Sofia. Active member of the Bulgarian Orthodontic Society (BOO) since its establishment . Collective member of the WFO (World Federation orthodontists), FEO (Federation of European orthodontists) and AIOF (International Association of Francophone orthodontists). Attends international congresses, symposiums, seminars and courses  of modern orthodontics for the purpose of continuous development, introduction and utilization of the latest methods of treatment in modern orthodontics in Sofia and Bulgaria.


The clinic

In our orthodontic office in Sofia you can get quality and professional diagnosis of your dental problems. Thanks to well-organized team of four physicians dentists, two trained nurses and teamwork with two leading dental laboratories, we can solve a wide range of interdisciplinary health problems, Oral and Maxillofacial aesthetics. You will receive a clear and detailed financial plan consistent with both your specific case and with your financial Capacity.


In the field of orthodontics we offer treatment:

   • Mobile devices (braces)

   • Fixed appliances (braces) for children and adults.

   • Orthodontic preparation of complicated cases requiring a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.


The cabinet has a high FMCG turbines and handpieces of global brands: motors of W & H (Austria), Bien Air (Swiss), turbine and fast angle of W & H (Austria), handpieces for endodontics Endo-Eze (Ultradent-USA), Bien Air , caries diagnosis Vivadent (Swiss), scaler for scaling-NSK-Japan. Apex locator for diagnosis and endodontics, a large and diverse range of photopolymer materials.



• Teeth Whitening

• Preventive Devices

• Scaling

• Seals

• Endodontics

• Treatment Of Children's Teeth

• Aesthetic And Functional Restorations

• Extraction Of Teeth

• Prostethic services / crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures, inlay, onlay, overlay and all the esthetic treatments




Treatment system with brackets was established in the early twentieth century in the United States and is constantly evolving. Used in almost all cases of orthodontic intervention by applying either alone or as a compulsory stage of more complex orthodontic treatment. Usually, treatment with braces lasts 18 to 24 months, but the duration can vary greatly depending on the type and severity of deformity treated and the degree of cooperation of the patient. Modern braces and arches provide enhanced aesthetics and comfort for the patient.

Brackets are metal plates with square slot with strictly defined characteristics, which are glued to each tooth. These plates are usually associated with common arc that has strength and ensures the removal of teeth. The presence of foursquare slot, combined with the use of rectangular arches, allows for action in three planes and allows at a later stage an optimal alignment of the teeth. Rainbow fixed to the brackets with appropriate metal or elastic ligatures.

In certain indications existing power can be provided by additional devices. Some are placed by an orthodontist - such as springs or rubber tracks. Others - for example bands - can be placed on the patient in the manner prescribed by the doctor. The use of elastics allow the application of forces of suitable size and direction of action and assist the effect of the ratios of jaws.



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