Dental Clinic BN - Playa del Carmen

Address 1:

Plaza Paraiso Caribe

Av. 10 sur, entre calle 3 y 5 sur

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Mexico. 77710



About Us


With over 36 years of experience as a family clinic, our specialist staff and continuous education, innovation and research has placed us among the top dental clinics in México.

Our Dental Center is the new alternative offering the most recent innovations in dentistry worldwide with the reliable experience of our internationally trained team.

All of our treatments are carried out with the highest quality materials and standardized protocols, to offer you only the best in diagnosis, hygiene, sterilization and dental treatments including CE, OSHA, ADA, and a profound commitment with ISO 9002:2008

When we thought about the best aesthetic results, we devised special cubicles or rooms with natural daylight to ensure we choose the right color on each dental restoration.


Our greatest specialty is to make you smile, your appointments will always be calmed and relaxed in a well balanced atmosphere prepared with aromatherapy and nature balance.

We love to create our own “Dental experience” where our patients will happily return to their appointments knowing there is nothing to be affraid of.

No matter the complications, the state of your mouth or hygiene habits, our specialists are widely trained in their expertise area and always work with the rest of the team creating a 360° planning on any treatment, developing long term concious patients and excellent functional and esthetic outcomes.





• Pick up service from airport – We can pick you up from Cancun International (CAN) or Cozumel island international airport. (CZM)


• International travel – We can help you arrange all your international flights


• Local travel – The internationally renowned Riviera Maya speaks by itself with its unique natural landscapes, White Caribbean beaches, weather, history and culture is the most complete touristic destination worldwide!


• Local accommodation – Our patients have special fees in diferent hotels and spas in town.


• Translation services – English is a common language around town, many people from all over the world lives full time here.

We also count on specialized translators in different languages, such as Russian, Arab and Deutsche.


• Local guide – As a world class destination, the Riviera Maya   has many tour guides and touristic buses in which you can do safe tourism in the area.


• Tours and vacation services – Spas, Diving, Snorkeling, Whale diving, Coral reef tours, Pyramids & archaeology, Cultural & ecotourism parks, Culture & traditions, visit Magic towns, Meet the Mayans and Aztecs or simply rest in a palm tree shade


• Pick up service from hotel – Our patients enjoy special fares in shuttles & taxis with direct service from any hotel in town to any of our locations.





We  provide our own provisional restoration laboratory, so you`ll never leave our facilities without esthetic provisional prosthesis, dental or implant support.


We have the support of the best dental laboratories in Mexico, also renowned worldwide and a long term guarantee in our crown work and implants.


• Wi-Fi access in all our facilities.


• Comfortable waiting rooms created to give your companions all the entertainment they could possibly desire.


• Accessible Parking and Facilities for People with Disabilities.


• Public Transport Accessibility.


• Ramp Access.


• Patient Bathroom.


Our facilities have been designed for all your needs, offering:


• Nice and beautiful spaces.


• Wide aisles, daylight.


• Access Wheelchair ramps.


• Recovery Room.


• Private parking.





*Dental Implants

Bokanova Dental Center’s compromise to high quality materials and protocolized procedures ensures that Bokanova Dental Center can offer the best treatments at the lowest possible prices without decreasing the quality of any of our services or procedures


*Veneers & Lumineers


*Metal Free Dentistry


*Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


*Periodontal Treatment


*Smile Design


*Dental Whitening




*Kids Dentistry







Consultation 50.00 $                    

Cleaning / Scaling 80.00 $                    

Zoom Whitening 300.00 $                  

Yotuel Whitening 180.00 $                  

Periodontal cleaning per quadrant 150.00 $  



Composite Filling 80.00 $                    

Mini Filling 70.00 $                    

Splinting per Tooth 60.00 $



Anterior Root Canal 350.00 $                  

Molar Root Canal 450.00 $                  

Anterior Re Root Canal 400.00 $                  

Molar Re Root Canal 500.00 $                  

Apicectomy w/o bone graft 200.00 $  



IMPLANT and Zirconia Crown 1760.00 $                  

Zirconia Crown (Tooth) 490.00 $                  

E.max Veneer 490.00 $                  

Composite Veneers 250.00 $                  

E.max Onlay/Inlay 350.00 $                  

Temporary Crown 20.00 $                    

Removable Partial Denture 1-2 Units 350.00 $                  

Removable Partial Denture 3 or + Units 450.00 $                  

Partial Complete Denture (Acrylic) 600.00 $                  

Partial Complete Denture (Metal + Acrylic) 800.00 $                  

Protesis completa definitiva (prostodoncia) 1,000.00 $                

Denture Adjustment 150.00 $                  

Reliner Denture 150.00 $                  



Regular Extraction 100.00 $                  

Surgical Extraction 250.00 $                  

Wisdom tooth Extraction 300.00 $                  

Surgical Wisdom Extraction 450.00 $                                    

Cyst Remove 200.00 $                  

Bichectomy Remove each 500.00 $                  

Crown lengthening per tooth 100.00 $                  

Gingivectomy per tooth 80.00 $                    

Soft Tissue Graft per quadrant 350.00 $                  

Sinus Lift per quadrant 700.00 $                  

IMPLANT and the crown 1760.00 $                  

Bone Graft 1 gr 250.00 $                  

Conscious Sedation or Twilight Sedation per Hr 500.00 $  



Replace Braces (1 piece) 70.00 $                    

Final Guard (removable150.00 $                  

Retainer (metalic splinting) 250.00 $                  

Howley Retainer 350.00 $                  



Cleaning 60.00 $                    

Sealant per tooth 60.00 $                    

Filling 70.00 $                    

Pulpotomy 250.00 $                  

Tooth Crown 300.00 $                  


Complete Implant Denture

All on 4 Acrílic 8,000.00 $                

All on 4 Zirconia 11,000.00 $            

All on 6 Acrílic 10,000.00 $            

All on 6 Zirconia 13,000.00 $            

All on 8 Acrílic 11,800.00 $            

All on 8 Zirconia 15,800.00 $

Removable Denture w/4 implants 6,500.00 $                


Panorámic X-Ray 40.00 $                    

3D X- Ray (1 zone) 60.00 $                    

3D X-Ray  (Full arch) 120.00 $



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