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About Us


The Institute of Medical Rehabilitation was founded in 1988 with the motto of "Be well and Live well" as a principal objective, primarily to support well-being through the practice of rehabilitation and holistic therapy. Since then, MedInstitute has expanded its activities and infrastructure to cover the ever-growing medical needs of today’s society, sustaining the well-being of thousands of patients both in Cyprus and internationally. This successful development relies on uniting holistic approaches, collaborating with world famous medical specialists and retaining effective, trained and competent staff from a variety of disciplines.


The adoption of new and efficient methods of therapy including Ozone Therapy Ten Pass, has increased the rate of success in treating many medical conditions including Hepatitis, Lyme disease, Herpes Zoster and Botulism. Additionally, the variety of treatments offered for medical conditions such as musculoskeletal system diseases, acute and chronic pain, dermatological diseases and microbial infections has provided patients with significant health improvements.


The Institute is currently one of the largest Physical Rehabilitation Centres in the Mediterranean and the largest in Cyprus, catering for all ages. Therapies are administered by specialists in the field, including medical doctors, physiotherapists, specialised nurses, and dietitians. By investing in the latest rehabilitation gym equipment and using Physical Evaluation and Treatment, healing is enhanced and accelerated. With a continual development plan in place, the institute will provide treatments that not only improve patient conditions but allow patients to live full lives.



Why Us ?


*36 years of clinical practice

Doctor Yuri Nikolenko started his medical practice in 1984 and the Nikolenko Clinic was established a bit later in 1988.


*Each case 100% customised

Inactivation of viruses and elimination of the causing roots are the main priorities in each treatment plan.


*The unique protocols

All treatments are based on decades of experience and aimed to have no side effects even when treat the incurable.


*Evidence-based results

All of our treatments are clinically proven. Every treatment is considered successful when proved by related blood tests





Ozone Ten pass treatment:

An innovative ozone treatment in which patients' blood is withdrawn through an engraved needle, heparinized, so that it does not thicken, in combination with an equal volume of ozone at a high concentration is filtered and re-injected into the patient. It is used against viruses, germs, bacteria, helps to detoxify, etc.


Iv ozone therapy:

This is a powerful intravenous method that can fight viruses, fungi, toxins and works through ozone gas in normal serum. It also acts against cancer, respiratory problems, migraines, helps improve the circulatory system, removes residues of heavy metals and organic poisons, reduces damage after a stroke, etc.


Rigvir Oncolytic Virotherapy-Advanced Cancer Treatment

Oncolytic virotherapy is an effective cancer treatment using special viruses, capable of finding and destroying malignant tumour cells in the body. Rigvir is the first registered and still the one and only genetically unmodified virus available worldwide.

After being administered, the virus finds and infects malignant tumour cells in a process called oncotropism. The virus replicates itself in the cells of a malignant tumour destroying them in a process called oncolysis. Viruses not only destroy cancer cells but also activate the body’s natural immune system, which also targets the malignant cells.

The goal of virotherapy, not unlike that of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, is to destroy cancer cells.

Virotherapy is recognised as a safe and efficient cancer treatment method.


Intravenous Laser Treatment:

Radiation emitted by the laser directly into the bloodstream results in the destruction of viruses,germs and fungi present in the body. This process is achieved through the optical fibers of the catheter and the appropriate needle in combination with the ultraviolet red light emitted by the laser. oxify, etc.


Magnetoturbotron delux:

This is an application of a machine that produces magnetic waves that stimulate and increase the microcirculation of the blood, thus improving the energy exchange throughout the body. It is suitable for diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems, autoimmune diseases, oncological problems, etc.


Hyperbaric oxygen treatment:

Hyperbaric oxygen increases the amount of oxygen circulating in the body and stimulates the cell activity in areas where oxygen is inadequate. By increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood it also helps the treatment of chronic respiratory problems, circulatory and lymphatic diseases as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, and is recommended for helping the healing of wounds, combating infections, gangrene and various chronic internal infections.


Ozone Probiotics Hydro colon therapy / Ozone Hydro colon therapy:

Colon lavage in which accumulations, parasites, toxins are removed and ozone is additionally introduced to kill germs. Live probiotic bacteria with probiotic action can be used to enhance treatment. It is suitable for detoxification of the body in cases such as constipation, spastic colitis and even for weight loss.


T.M.S. (Transcranial magnetic Stimulation):

A method that offers high energy transfer to the brain through magnetic shock waves emitted at very short intervals resulting in the stimulation of the brain nerves. It is indicated for recovery after a stroke or other brain diseases, neuropathy, Lyme disease, etc.


Ufo intranasal ultraviolet therapy:

Through the light emitted, concentrated ultraviolet radiation enters the nasal cavity and a process of healing various diseases such as laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, etc. is activated.


Ozone sauna:

Its main function is detoxification, as high temperatures allow ozone to enter the skin. It is used in treatments against skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and can help fight diseases such as poisoning, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, etc.


Intravaginal ozone insufflation:

Vaginal infusion of ozone is used to fight all infections of the vagina and surrounding areas as it can also help treat infertility.


Ozone bags therapy

This medical use of ozone is used for topical treatment of a diseased area through a procedure in which under pressure conditions ozone is injected into special plastic bags placed at the area. It is suitable in cases of gangrene, vascular diseases such as diabetic foot and Raynaud's syndrome, as well as skin diseases such as local psoriasis.


Subcutaneous ozone therapy:

A treatment for cellulite and local thickness through local subcutaneous ozone injections, with zero side effects.



Restoration of muscle and joint mobility through a combination of innovative machines and protocols applied by specialized personnel. It can be applied in cases such as after stroke, heart surgery or orthopedic surgery, multiple sclerosis, motor diseases such as quadriplegia or hemiplegia, mental deprivation, Lyme disease, etc.


Carboxy therapy

CO2 is administered in injection form subcutaneously around the joint or into the muscle and its goal is to increase oxygen circulation in the area for therapeutic purposes. It is suitable for chronic injuries, arthritic diseases, dermatological diseases, etc.


Physiotherapeutic laser:

This is a method that uses a laser beam against soft tissue injuries, back pain, cervical syndrome as well as pain relief.


Kangen water:

Alkaline water is water that has been ionized by electrolysis, which means that the pH level of the water has increased. It contains various minerals, many powerful antioxidants, and also helps to slow down the aging process, regulate the body's pH levels and prevent various chronic diseases.



Our Medical Center provides diagnostics as well as treatment options for Dermatological as well as Cosmetic problems and also prophylactic measures for the well-being of the whole body. Our motto is firstly identification of the cause or underlying problem and combination of different treatment options for best results.

Our Dermatology Center is part of Medinstitute group, which in cooperation with other doctors of various specialties, we can succeed our goals and identify and treat professionally and correctly diseases that might be difficult for one doctor to handle.

Together with our doctors and medical assistants such as specialized nurses and skin therapists, we all help to fulfill your expectations and provide the best medical cares.



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