Are you considering seeking dental treatment abroad?

If so, you can get high quality but affordable dental care in Montenegro.

It is important to take care of our teeth. However, the costs of dental procedures can be discouraging. Montenegrin dental tourism is flourishing in recent years, due to the reputation of dental clinics who work with best materials and highest standards, offering inexpensive treatments.

Clinics in Montenegro offer various dental services– dental surgery, dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, dentures, crowns, restorative dentistry, root canals...

Quality-cost relation in Montenegro is much more favorable than in the majority of the European countries and Northern America, as well. Dental tourism is a better solution for many people, as it includes both vacation and recreation, at lower price, and they can also get a high-quality service, without waiting for the appointment.

The price of the highly-qualified clinics in Montenegro is much lower than in other countries, and it is the reason of the low price of the services that they provide. In many countries health insurance is unreasonably expensive, and the quality is the same as that in Montenegro.

Montenegro has got some of the most competent and most experienced dentists in the world.

Most of the dentists graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Dentistry.


Via our web site you can contact the best dental clinics in Montenegro.

Montenegro - dental treatments




Top Quality *

Implants Specialists*

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Top Quality *

Long Tradition*

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High Quality*

Latest trends in dentistry*

Highly educated team*


Zirconium  crown  - €250

Implants + Upgrade €750 - €850.00

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One of the leading dental clinics in Montenegro *

Latest developments*

Highly-skilled dentists*


**Full-ceramic Zirconium crown 250 €**

**Root canal treatment (per channel) 20 €**

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