We offer specialties such as the famous Mononostor's fish stew, grilled fish prepared on the disc harrow, barbecue grills, and venison.


All food is prepared by previous arrangement, by reservation two days in advance for obtaining fresh, quality and natural ingredients that are cooked or baked in your presence, which is particularly enjoying the food and before eating. All dishes are homemade with strictly organic (bio-) ingredients.


Come to us and taste the food, friendly atmosphere an "Oasis of peace", and the unique experience that will surely be remembered.

Oaza Mira Kod Lepog Tome - Bački Monoštor


Kanalska bb

Bački Monoštor



Phone: +381 66 88 00 100



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Interior of this object is a mixture of old era and contemporary comfort.

We can host groups of up to 30 people, and provide top-quality accommodation (bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi, phone) of up to 12 guests, and whole object is air- conditioned.

Car parking is provided and if you come by boat and tie it where you.

If you are interested in a lunch, dinner and pleasant companionship in our circumstances we can host groups up to 50 guests.

Location & Contact


[email protected]

Where we are


Oasis of Peace at Pretty Toma's is located at the very end of Special Reservation Park “Gornje Podunavlje" in Backi Monostor District. In this reservation park you can come across thick woods and even impassable swamps that are inhabited by a rich population of various bird species.


For instance, one of them is a very rare white-tailed eagle, hard to find in Europe. Also, around 7km away from Oasis of Peace you have the ability to visit a Z00 park where you can see rare birds and other animals.


What we offer


Oasis of Peace at Pretty Toma‘s has a direct approach to Veliki Backi kanal which is filled with all kinds of fish. Coastal part of the canal is rich with beautiful water lilies and reed. On the other side of Oasis there is no more than 3km to Danube (by road).


Near Oasis of Peace there are extraordinary conditions for different types of tourism such as: hunting, fish hunting, cyclingrecreational tourism...There are ideal conditions for strolling through untouched nature, observing birds in their natural habitat...




At only 50 meters from the oasis of peace, there are ideal conditions for swimming in clear canal weter... You can enjoy nature, birds, relaxing with a drink and friends in Oasis of Peace at Pretty Toma.