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About us


Our clinic is providing the treatments and the procedures as combination of art and medicine.

We are committed to serving beauty, respecting functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of medical problems.


Our team is highly experienced providing high quality procedures on individual basis giving the information about each operation separately so that every person knows in advance what they can expect and achieve.


A large number of interventions, many contributions at congresses of plastic surgery and publications in scientific journals as well as presentations of new personal surgical techniques that have been adopted worldwide by other plastic surgeons over the years are empowering us with great validity, to unfold the greatness of plastic surgery.





*Plastic Surgery


Breast augmentation


Breast lift - breast reduction




Buttock lift

Thigh lift

Lasers in plastic surgery


Abdominoplasty – tummy tuck

Gender reassessment

Brachioplasty – arm lift

Fractional needling rf

Combination of cosmetical operations

Secondary rhinoplasty

Face lift

Fat grafting

Body lift

Btx & fillers

Revision cosmetic breast surgery


*Obesity Surgery


*Reconstructive Surgery



PRICE LIST ( all prices are plus 24% tax )


Breast augmentation  3.200 EUR

Rhinoplasty  2.500 EUR

Breast lift - breast reduction  3.500 EUR

Blepharoplasty  2.100 EUR

Gynecomastia  3.000 EUR

Liposuction  2.000 - 4.000 EUR

Buttock lift  3.800 EUR

Thigh lift  3.800 EUR

Otoplasty 2.200 EUR

Abdominoplasty – tummy tuck  3.500 EUR

Brachioplasty – arm lift  3.000 EUR

Secondary rhinoplasty  2.700 EUR

Face lift  4.500 EUR

Fat grafting  1.500 - 2.500 EUR

Body lift  6.500 EUR

Btx & fillers  230 / 180 EUR for 1cc

Revision cosmetic breast surgery  3.500 EUR



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