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Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Barcelona is providing the best beauty treatments with the use of the best brands. Our clinic for aesthetic medicine is located in Barcelona. We are especially proud of our anti age treatments in which we have several years of experience with many clients.

In our Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Barcelona we have best techniques and also products. Professional service, friendly team and also atmosphere.

Treatments Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Barcelona

In our aesthetic medicine clinic in Barcelona you can get all the treatments for BODY AND FACE. We use the best products in every treatment.
With each treatment we not only improve your beauty and appearance, but each of our treatment has a strong effect on your psyche, because a better appearance has a positive effect on each client. After visiting our clinic you will feel happier and also better.

Other tretmants

Nutrition. Many problems can be solved by diet. Our team of experts can help you look and feel better. Food also has a strong effect on cell renewal, which makes you look better.
We are also experts in the treatment of vaginal rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid.

Specialist For Anti Age Treatments In Barcelona

Anti age treatments in our clinic are extremely popular. Our clinic is a specialist in anti age treatments in Barcelona.
Anti age treatments are recommended for people who want to improve their appearance, mental state and quality of life in general by removing the traces of aging.
All treatments are done on an individual basis. We use the best anti age techniques with which we achieve a better physical appearance but also a better self confidence of each client. In addition to treatments, we also offer diet and exercise tips to further improve the appearance of each client.

Before the treatment, we approach each client individually with an interview, and an overview of the overall condition of the client.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Barcelona

Our clinic for aesthetic medicine in Barcelona specializes in vaginal rejuvenation in Barcelona.
In addition to vaginal rejuvenation, we also offer vaginal whitening treatment.

Over the years, the intimate area in women loses moisture, which causes dryness of the area and also the pain. To help our clients we offer a treatment with hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the area inside and out. In the most complicated cases, we have a gynecological surgical team to treat the intimate area.

Vaginal whitening Barcelona

Over the years, due to the use of medications and hormonal changes, the intimate area in women becomes darker. Many women come to our clinic in Barcelona for vaginal whitening treatment.
We use the best laser technology to whiten the area and also to make the skin look better.

Other Aesthetic Medicine Treatments Barcelona

Lips Treatments
PRP / Plateler Rich Plasma /
Cheek bones Treatments
Cellulite Treatments
Facial Procedures
Photo aging
Excess skin due to weight loss / Localized fat /
Abdominal treatments
Localized accumulations of fat
Stains on the skin from aging
Facial anti age procedures

Price List / Best Prices / Barcelona /

Biostimulation with PRP. Technique based on Plateler Rich Plasma, obtaines from a small blood sample.
A monthly session is recommended / 3 visits / 250 Euros per session /. Before treatment consultation are provided.

Biostimulation with filler hyaluronic acid, face and also neck
/ 3 visits / 190 Euros per session /. Before treatment consultation are provided.

Reshaping the face with PDO suspension / 400 Euros /
Rejuvenation of the face with threads and also fillers / 600 Euros /
Voluminization of cheek bones with filler / 250 Euros /. Before treatment consultation are provided.

Nose Filler / 250 Euros /
Lips Fillers / 1 vial 250 Euros /
Hand rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid / 1 vial / 250 Euros /
Reshaping the neck / 250 Euros /

Before treatment consultation are provided.

Hair restoration with PRP / 250 Euros /
Hair restoration with mesoterapy / 120 Euros /
Prostolane injection / 700 Euros /
A montlhly session is recommended for three times.

Before treatment consultation are provided.

Radiofrequency / 5 sessions / 200 Euros / Great Results /


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