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Alea Medical Clinic Sarajevo is a Health institution located in Avdage Šahinagića street, number 3, in Stari grad / Sarajevo / across from Vijećnica / City Hall /. With its highly qualified staff, well equipped space and modern equipment, clinic is designed so that it provides you with everything in one place. In the shortest possible time and at Your home address if required.
Health institution “Alea dr Kandic” offers You examinations in fields of surgical disciplines / gynecology / internal / cardiology and all specialties and subspecialties required by the patient.
Before each examination according to Your preference and needs will be organized as soon as possible with the most experienced subspecialty professional / hematologist / endocrinologist / rheumatologist / pediatrician / nephrologist / neurologist / psychiatrist / dermatologist / psychologist / orthopedist / otorhinolaryngology specialist / and all other specialties. Before any service all detials will be explained.

Best Hospital In Sarajevo

Activity of „Alea dr Kandić“ healthcare institution takes place in two separate parts:
• Infirmary and Diagnostics Polyclinic / Stationary or Hospital Part. If you have any healt problem and looking for the solution visit our clinic in Sarajevo. Our doctors are specialist and with fast diagnostic procedures we can set up the diagnose for each patient. Best price. Before any treatment our doctors will answer all your questions.

Why Alea Medical Clinic Sarajevo ?
• Highly professional staff
Professional specialists in the field of / surgery / cardiology / gynecology / otolaryngology / ortho / plastic / reconstructive surgery / urology / vascular surgery / medicine / sport. We have best doctors in Sarajevo. English speaking doctors. Before treatment our doctors will give all the information.

• The most modern equipment
Two modern equipped operating rooms, a nine room apartment type, diagnostic equipment. Before you visit our clinic we would like to infor you that clinic is using best materials and technology for each patient. Before treatment doctors will explain you what devices will be used.

• Affordable prices. Before patients did not know about medical tourism.
Despite the extremely well developed space, best equipment and apparatus as well as highly sophisticated patient treatment, PRICES in “Alea – DR KANDIĆ ” health institution are “Bosnian”. Before visiting our clinic please note that you can save up to 70% compared with doctor prices in EU or USA. Before treatment we will give you detailed price plan.

Services Alea Medical Clinic Sarajevo

• Surgical clinic
In „Alea dr Kandić“ health institution we provide You with all surgical specialty and subspecialty exams, with diagnostics and therapy. Our surgical unit is a space with best technology. Before surgery all details will be provided.

•Ambulance Polyclinic
Cabinets of all surgical disciplines / check ups / diagnosis / treatments and prevention
General internal discipline / check ups / diagnosis / treatment / prevention
Cabinets of gynecology and nursery / diagnosis / treatment / prevention. Before any treatment specialist will asnwer all your question.

• Coloproctology Department
Surgery deals with the diagnostic and treatment of diseases of the colon, particularly the surgical treatment of tumors, and other diseases that require operative treatment. Our department deals with benign and malignant diseases of the anal canal, the colon and rectum. Before treatment specialist will give all the information.

• Endoscopic cabinet
Diagnostic method which allows the doctor a direct examination of the upper part of the gastro tract. Reveals the cause of the different problems such as / nausea / often vomiting / a feeling of purses and trouble / pain in stomach / pit of the stomach / difficulty in eating food and drinking fluid / bleeding of the upper part of the gastro tract.
All treatments are done in analgosedation condition. Before procedure all details will be explained.

• Ultrasound Cabinet
State of the art ultrasound machine: 3 D / 4 D / Associates: twenty experts in strictly specialized areas / radiologists / orthopedists / urologists / pediatric, gynecologists / cardiologist / Before procedure details are explained.

• Histopathology Cabinet
Histopathology and cytology tests. Before any test all details are provided.

Medical Lab Sarajevo

• Laboratory Diagnostics
All urin analysis / Haematological tests / Biochemical analysis / Immunohistochemical analysis / Genetic mapping as perfection in the latest diagnosis. Before taking samples all details are explained.

• Cardiology Infirmary, Internist
Internal examination therapy / prevention
Cardiological examinations / therapy / prevention
Holter ECG
Blood pressure
Exercise test. Before any treatment cardiologist will give you all the information.

• Gynecological and Nursery Department
All gynecological examinations / diagnosis / prevention
Pregnancy check ups
All gynecological surgery treatments / classic / laser / laparoscopy
Childbirth. Before any treatment consultation with Gynecology unit is provided.

• Surgical disciplines and surgical units / anesthesia / blood transfusions units
Diagnosis / treatments / prevention of surgical diseases
Classic surgery
Laser surgery
Operations guided with Doppler
Aesthetic / corrective surgery. Before treatment aesthetic specialist will give you all the information.

• Cosmetic Clinic
Cosmetic surgery deals with the aesthetic corrections, beautifying the human body. This branch surgery is at the same time an integral part of antiaging medicine because it aims to make better appearance of the body and face of the patients, giving them a younger and fresher appearance. Before treatment aesthetic specialist will give you all the information.

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