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All on 4 implants Dubrovnik dental clinic is a specialist in dental implants. Our speciality is All on 4 implants procedure.
Tooth decay and loss can occur due to illness or some events. In this case, we advise patients to have implants as the best and long lasting solution. With proper hygiene, implants can last a lifetime.
Replacing bad or non existent teeth with implants is important because a lack of teeth can lead to further problems since the jaw, facial bones and teeth are a closely related system.

Before the dental treatment itself, you need to consult with our implantology specialist.
After the interview and examination, the dentist will make an x ​​ray image that will help to clearly see the internal structures and especially the bone.
In the procedure itself, dentist place 4 implants at strategic positions. In the upper or lower jaw or both jaws if needed.
These implants will serve as a support for the fixed final teeth.
After the patient gets the final teeth, these teeth are fix, which means that patient cant moved them, and they will behave like natural teeth.

All on 4 Dental Treatment Dubrovnik

Implant material is titanium which is a compatible material that behaves well in the human body and fits very well to the bone.

An abutment is also placed on the implant as a link between the implant and the final crown.

All on 4 dental implants are the most popular method. Best for the patients who have no teeth at all or have very few.

Most people are candidates for All on 4. If you suffer from some medical conditions, you need to warn your doctor before the procedure. We will ask you about your medical history.

The All on 4 procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the patient can go home immediately after the procedure.

A special advantage of this procedure is that most patients do not need additional bone treatment or bone graft. Before the procedure, the implant specialist will analyze you x ray. If you still need to do a bone graft before placing the implants, you will receive the information.

Once the All on 4 treatment is complete you will have a filling as if you have your own natural teeth again. The procedure is quick and in a short period of time you can have a perfect smile again.

If you are coming from abroad and you would like to know something more about All on 4 implants Dubrovnik contact us. We will send you additional information.


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