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Andorra Dental Clinic is providing a full range of dental treatments, using high quality materials and the most modern techniques.
In the clinic each patient is treated by professionals with extensive experience in different dental specialities.

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Implants Andorra Dental Clinic / Best price

It is a technique based on scientific research and represents the best solution for the permanent replacement of teeth if you lost one or more teeth. This treatment avoids aesthetic and functional problems such as those relating to diseases affecting the jaw or gum diseases. Best price

Dental Aesthetic Dentist Andorra La Vella / Best price

It is the dentistry discipline that deals with treating all manner of alterations and pathologies related to oral aesthetic. The objective is to achieve a healthy mouth that looks good and that helps improve our image as a whole. Best price

Prosthetics and rehabilitation / Best price / Andorra Dental Clinic
Prosthodontics, or dental prosthetics, is the branch of dentistry that deals with recovering aesthetic, functional and oral health functions by restoring and / or replacing natural teeth.

Gum Treatments / Best price
Specialty of dentistry that studies the prevention, diagnostic and treatment of diseases or anomalies affecting the tissue that supports teeth and that propitiate the proliferation of bacteria in the dental plaque, which in turn create toxins and damage gums. Symptoms include swollen and sensitive gums, bleeding when brushing and persistent bad breath.

Orthodontics Andorra Family Dentistry

Orthodontics studies the movement of teeth with the objective of correcting dental positioning if needed. A correct position of the teeth exerts a positive impact on our oral health, while allowing for improved hygiene and aesthetics and generally projects a better image.

Invisalign / invisible orthodontics / Best price
The Invisalign treatment consists of a practically invisible way of aligning teeth. By using advanced, computerised 3D imaging technology based on an evaluation by your Invisalign Doctor, the Invisalign system shows the entire treatment, from the initial position of the teeth, and all the way to the desired final position. The transparent aligners are custom-made so teeth move slowly.

Paediatric dentistry
Paediatric dentistry is the dentistry specialty that treats children’s teeth from birth until they turn 12, when mixed dentition comes to an end to give way to permanent dentition.
The paediatric dentists at Centre Mèdic Carlemany’s look after patients from the first stages of their lives and help parents on their quest to ensure their children enjoy good oral health.

Sports dentistry
Sports dentistry is a specialty that deals with protecting teeth and ensuring the dental health of athletes in order that they may improve their athletic performance. Poor oral health may negatively affect performance, increase the risk of lesions and prolong recuperation times.

Price Dentist Andorra

Composite Filling price is 73 EUR
Extraction Simple price is 54 EUR / Price per tooth
Extraction / surgical / impacted / Price is 300 EUR / Price per tooth
Teeth Whitening price is 364 EUR / Upper and lower teeth
Regular teeth cleaning price is 78 EUR / Upper and lower teeth
Composite veneer price is 175 EUR / Price per unit
Deep cleaning scalling / per quadrant / price is 96 EUR

Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain veneer price is 770 EUR / Price per unit
Zirconia crown price is 660 EUR / Price per unit

Full Plastic Denture price is 600 EUR / Upper or lower teeth
Partial Metal Denture price is 815 EUR

Implant Procedures / Best price
Dental Implant price is 878 EUR / Price per unit
Implant Immediately after the extraction price is 1.192 EUR
Sinus lifting price is 1.600 EUR
“All on Four” System / Hybrid Denture price is 4.675 EUR / Price per arch
“All on Six” System / Hybrid Denture price is 4.795 EUR / Price per arch
Full Metal Ceramic Implant Supported 6 Implants price is 7.440 EUR
Bone graft / large / price is 727 EUR
Bone graft / small / price is 627 EUR
Root Canal Treatment price is 145 EUR
Conscious Sedation price is 120 EUR / 1 hour


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