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Beauty Clinic Laguens Sevilla is Aesthetic Clinic in Center of Sevilla.

Hi Tech Latest Generation Treatments / Individual Approach /

Face and Body Treatments / Highly Educated Staff /

Best Price in Beauty Clinic Laguens Sevilla

Treatments / Price List /


Botox / Rejuvenation / Spots / Acne / Rosacea / Filling Implants / Thread Face Lift / Cosmetology / Electroporation With Vitamins

The face is the mirror of the soul. Therefore, our treatments not only provide intensive care to your face and neck, but also provide a general feeling of well being. Before starting any treatment, we thoroughly analyze your skin to offer the most appropriate care and products for your skin.

Aesthetic Treatments Beauty Clinic Sevilla / Best Price /

Aesthetic treatments / Best Price /

Basic treatment of facial hygiene.

Wellness treatment / intensive hydration / massage / daily treatment.

Luxury treatment / moisturizer / antioxidant / massage / facial pack /

Medical treatments / Best Price /
Depigmentation Treatments / Rejuvenation peelings /
Acne Treatments
Botulinum toxin / Botox / for expression wrinkles.
Facial fillers / hyaluronic acid for cheekbones, lips, chin.
Fine lines Treatment
Deep Hydration Treatment
Plasmagel / filling obtained from the patient’s own plasma / Enriched Plasma / Vitamin Mesotherapy.
Neck Treatments / spots / wrinkles / revitalization / Treatment in a single session.
Illuminators and tensioners with micropuncture or derma roller systems
Last generation facial threads.

Blepharoplasty Sevilla Spain

Blepharoplasty without surgery / Jett Plasma Lift / Best Price /
Rejuvenation laser Treatment / without sick leave, without peeling
Specific latest generation treatments
Blepharoplasty / Best Price /
Treatment of fine and deep wrinkles / Correction of scars / Pigmentation spots / Acne / Stretch marks / Tattoo removal and micropigmentation

Facial Radiofrequency / Best Price /
Radiofrequency consists of the local application of specific electromagnetic waves that produce heat, thus activating the natural repair mechanisms of the skin.
Effects: In the short term an immediate light and tension effect appears.
In the long run it stimulates the production of new collagen, eliminating wrinkles
Radiofrequency promotes collagen stimulating treatments, such as Ellansé and Sculptra.

Stimulation With Roller / Best Price /
Skin treatment with roller is an innovative minimally invasive facial rejuvenation technique for the treatment of fine wrinkles, acne scars, pore thinning and sagging skin. It achieves an important revitalization of the skin without injectables or peelings.

Botox Sevilla / Best Price /

Botulinum toxin injection is one of the most widely used cosmetic procedures to reduce wrinkles.

Collagen Treatment
Minor Surgery

Enjoy revitalizing effects of our treatments.
Before undertaking any treatment a professional consultation is made to determine the best care for your body.

Aesthetic Treatments / Best Price /
LPG / total body relaxing massage /
Micropigmentation of eyebrows / lips / scars /
Muscle relaxing massage.
Manual lymphatic drainage.

Medical Treatments / Best Price /
Acupuncture Treatments
Laser hair removal
Rejuvenation of hands / elimination of spots, redensification of the skin.
Lipolytic mesotherapy / volume reduction in legs, abdomen and neck area.
Pressotherapy, cellulite treatments
Radiofrequency Treatments
Elimination of varicose veins
Elimination of sunspots on arms and back.

In our clinic we are specialists in Family Medicine.
General medicine / Best Service /
Obesity / Great Results /
Micronutrition / allergies / acne treatment / food intolerances /
Chronic venous insufficiency
Minor Surgery / Best Price /



Botox Treatments / 400 € /
Fillers / 300 € / per syringe / depends on the quantity /
Scare acne Treatments / 450 € / one session / Fraccional laser /
Thread face / 800 € /
Blepharoplasty / 750 € / one sesion / Plasma Laser / no surgery /
Pressotherapy / 20 € / each session /
Laser Hair removal / 200 € / each session / full legs or full back /
Rejuvenation of hands / 600 € / two syringes /
Veins Elimination / 150 € / each session /
Sunspots elimination / 300 € / one laser session /


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