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Beauty Clinic Mar Barcelona consists of Medicine also Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry. Dental Clinic, Unit of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Dietetics also Nutrition. Clinic is working since 1998.
Our characteristic is high professionalism also competitive prices.
The director of the center has two bachelors’ degrees. One in medical and surgery and also in dentistry.
Among his specialities he is a specialized doctor in aesthetic surgery and especially accredited by the Barcelona Medical College for aesthetic medicine, and Dentistry specialized in Dental Implants.

Beauty Clinic Mar Barcelona team is multidisciplinary. High level specialists, who offer the most advanced techniques in the fields of aesthetic medicine and also in dentistry.
Clinic Mar Barcelona, has its own operating space, which allows cost reduction of most of the techniques, permitting us to offer very competitive prices and also high quality and professional guarantee.

Beauty Clinic Barcelona, is in the town of Castelldefels, just 18 km from the city of Barcelona and a few minutes from the airport. Clinic also have great transport links, both by train and also by road. Well known touristic city.
Aesthetic clinic Barcelona offers all the specialties of Dentistry, made by different specialists, highlighting advanced oral implants, invisible orthodontics and also dental aesthetics.
Best technology in Beauty Clinic Mar Barcelona allows us to offer these treatments at very competitive prices since we do not need an external laboratory.
In our clinic you will find the most advanced dental treatments and also Integral Facial Aesthetic Unit. Selection of the best and also most effective treatments of aesthetic medicine, with expert professionals.

Dental Clinic Mar Barcelona

Dental clinic and Beauty Clinic Mar Barcelona. Medical and also dental professionals and surgical facilities for oral surgery treatments. Also advanced oral implant treatments.
In addition to the complete dental services, we offer oral surgery and also high level implants at a competitive price. Patients do not have the costs of a hospital infrastructure that they do not need.

Medical Tourism Barcelona / Beauty Clinic Mar Barcelona
Treatments which stand out in medical tourism, with local anesthesia, in a single day and without hospitalization are the following:

Cosmetic surgery Barcelona

Extraction of Bichat balls

The capillary transplantation

Face rejuvenation with fat auto transplant

Aesthetic medicine for rejuvenation and also for facial reshaping without surgery

Dentistry Treatments Barcelona


Dental Aesthetic Clinic Barcelona

Dental aesthetics in a single day thanks to CAD / CAM technology computer aided design /CAD / computer aided manufacturing / CAM /.
Both stand out on their high quality, speed of performance and also competitive prices in two basic characteristics. The use of specific dental additions for implants and also the technology CAD / CAM that allows to make total ceramic teeth in ceramics of high quality / E Max /

Description of medical treatments

Bichat Balls Barcelona

Extraction of Bichat balls
We are specialists in a very effective technique, that allows us to slim and also to contour the face, especially in the technique of Extraction of Bichat Balls. Clinic of reference at European level. Treatment under local anesthesia, lasts approximately 30 minutes. It is very effective, permanent. Also without postoperative issues. It is a technique popular by many models, actors also actresses and has a spectacular result.

What are Bichat Balls?
The facial volume is on the bony part, muscular tissue, the subcutaneous cell, the glandular system and also by the volume produced by the Bichat Fat Bag.
Described by Heister / 1732 / who thought it was a glandular structure.
Subsequently the anatomist Bichat, rebutted the glandular nature of this anatomical structure and also was the first to describe it as a fatty cluster.
Its function is not exactly known. It is related to the infant’s function of breastfeeding.

In adulthood no specific function is attributed to it and also its extraction does not cause any disturbance or difficulty.
It is located in the thickness of the cheeks between the Masseter muscle, the main chewing muscle and the Buccinator muscle, which delimits the inner face of the cheeks and through which it is possible to extract the fat with a minimal incision.
Treatment is with local anesthesia and its duration is about half an hour .
Through an incision inside the mouth, which leaves no scar.
You will enjoy an immediate reincorporation, also usual activities.
The post operative requires care with oral hygiene for 1 week, use of antibiotics and also oral mouthwashes.

Facial Aesthetics / Bichat Ball Barcelona

The extraction of the Bichat Ball achieves a spectacular change in facial esthetics.
This treatment is popular among a large number of fashion models.
Apparently imperceptible, but it embellishes enormously and also makes the face attractive.
It gives a more square, in a very subtle way, marking slight areas in the cheeks.
Thinning of the face by removing an accumulation of the fat inside the cheeks.
Completely painless, only local anesthesia.
Fast procedure, only 30 minutes.
Immediate reinstatement to your usual activities.

We have our own operating room which allows us to offer this surgery at a price without competition and also with the highest quality.
The total price of the extraction of Bichat Balls is € 1.400

Hydrolipoclasia Treatment

Have you tried to eliminate localized fat with diets, sport, pills or other treatments … and also you did not have any results ?
With Hidrolipoclasia, you will permanently eliminate the toughest fat in a single session per zone.

What is Hidrolipoclasia?
Hydrolipoclasia is a medical treatment consisting of the breakdown of fat by inflating a hypotonic solution containing lipolytic substances and subsequent elimination.
What is it? By infiltrating the serum, the fat cells can be dissolve and also separate from the areas.
What are its advantages?
No Hospitalization. Without general anesthesia or sedation or side effects. No workout required. One session per zone. Extracted fat does not reproduce. There are also immediate visible results for women and men
What zones ? Arms, Abdomen, Knees, Breasts. Internal and external sides of the legs. Male pectoral area…

Hair Transplatation Treatments Barcelona

The capillary transplantation can be performed through FUSS and also FUE Technique

FUSS Barcelona
The FUSS / Follicular Unit Strip Surgery / technique is the UFS extraction procedure most demanded by patients and also most recommended by the capillary specialists. Strip of scalp involves taking a band of the hairy skin of the nape area. It is 1 cm wide and also as long as broad or less if less number of grafts were necessary being done with scalpel and sutures. This strip is treated in the laboratory and also from it are extracted individual UFS that will be implanted in the receiving zone.

The whole process is also performed simultaneously in the same session. It is a treatment in which time is gained in relation to the FUE technique, because the procedure of obtaining the UFS is faster. In the FUSS procedure we usually implant between 2.000 – 2.500 UFS / approximately 5.000 – 6.250 hairs / in one session. However, smaller micro transplants can be performed according to the needs of the patient. Advantages: Unisex treatment. Duration of the treatment is 4 to 6 hours. Without complicated postoperative effects.

FUE Barcelona

FUE Treatment: This technique refers to the technique of the individual extraction of the follicular units. With technical expertise, it is also possible to have any area of the scalp / not limited to the areas where a strip can be removed, as in the FUSS technique, and may choose small areas /. Although there are no visible scars on the hair, this technique allows the hair to be shaved to zero after the intervention, since there are no sutures during the procedure. This technique requires more time, so also it is more expensive than the FUSS technique.

In the FUE procedure, it is necessary to install between 800 and 1000 UFS / about 2.000 in a session. Although macrosesions of FUE have been made / reaching up to 3.000 follicular units that translate into about 7.500 hairs /. Advantages: Unisex Treatment. Duration of the treatment is 10 hours. Also without postoperative effects.

Facial rejuvenation with auto transplant fat Barcelona

Over the years with progressive aging of the patients the subcutaneous and facial fat tissue is lost and signs of aging appear.
This facial aging can be reversed, obtaining fat from other parts of the body, treating that fat in the laboratory and also placing it in the aged areas, achieving effective facial rejuvenation.
This technique has the most relevant advantages being a definitive technique and also not using other products.
This technique can be associated with patients who undergo a Hydrolipoclasia treatment to model the body.

Aesthetic Medicine for Rejuvenation and facial remodeling without surgery
We use high quality products that allow us to obtain good and also stable results.
The diagnosis for our patient’s needs, is done from a global point of view, global facial aesthetics, with the look of professionals who are trained in both aesthetic medicine and dentistry.
Our professionals are specifically trained on these techniques and specifically accredited by the Barcelona Medical Association to carry them out.

Some of our treatments properly combined can achieve spectacular results without surgery.

Facial revitalization
Lip Reshaping
Wrinkle fill
Wrinkles on upper lip
Medical Peels

Dentistry treatments

Dental Implants Barcelona

Clinic use titanium dental implants which guarantees the perfect results.
We prepare the crown on the implant in ceramics of the best quality / EMax / and manufacture in the same clinic and in the same diagrams to CAD / CAM technology
We design the placement of implants based on functional criteria, to guarantee stability in a long term and the conservation of the mandible osseous capital.

Aesthetic Dentistry
We have an independent dental aesthetic unit, supported by the incorporation of the leading technology in ceramic aesthetic treatments. CAD / CAM technology that allows total ceramic dental restorations, without metal, manufactured in the clinic.

Characteristics /
• total ceramic teeth designed by our dental doctors based on patient’s facial characteristics, thanks to CAD/ CAM technology computer aided design / CAD) / computer aided manufacturing / CAM /
• the design of new teeth based on classical aesthetic parameters, like symetry, longitude and width of the teeth and gingival reborn adapted to the facial characteristics of the patient. Sometimes associated with aesthetic surgery techniques.

Evaluation on line / Free /
Evaluation service on line by photographs or radiology provided by the patient.
Free visit and initial check up by the surgeon himself, without intermediaries.
Personalized attention and translation service by an English native translator.
We carry out a strict evaluation of the patient’s problem and then, among the different treatment options, we advise the one that best suits, in what it consists, how much it costs … and everything, without any commitment.
Our treatments have a closed price, which you will know in detail from the first day. First visit is free.


Located in an open and relaxed environment, facilities are completely new, dental rooms, surgical area. The most modern technology.

Dental offices
Sterilization rooms
Operating room
Independent recovery rooms
Digital Radiology
Medical rooms

All at your disposal, in an open and relaxed environment.
We are one of the few dental centers integrated in surgical installation that make these treatments possible.

In a medicine of highly specialized quality, the complete team is important and not only a single specialist.
In our clinic dentists, Physicians and Cosmetic Surgeons, Maxillofacial Surgeons collaborate with each other, for a correct diagnosis to offer you the best treatment
The multidisciplinary team, allows an integral approach to offer from simple treatments to the treatments of maximum complexity and combined deontological and facial esthetic treatments.
Thus we can combine for example an implant treatment or an orthodontic treatment with a chin, cheek or lip augmentation treatment, to achieve a perfect facial harmony.

Why to choose us
Honesty / Commitment
Current dentistry
Specialists in Dental Implants
Customer care and guidance
CAD / CAM technology
Digital Radiology
Immediate diagnosis
Operating room


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