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Belgrade Dental Implants BP Dental Center BP is a modern clinic in downtown Belgrade. The principle of our work is a special highest standard approach to each patient using modern technology.
Special attention is on the comfort of our patients. To make our treatment stress free and straight forward. The result of our work will be highly aesthetic. Modern solution which will provide you satisfaction for a long period of time.

We provide services in all branches of dentistry / prosthetics / cosmetic dentistry / orthodontics / gum treatments / oral surgery / implants / cosmetic dental /. Our team consists of the best specialists. Doctors create a treatment plan and implement it according to strict protocols.

Equipment and dental materials we work with are

Reconstructive Dentistry

3m espe / Fuji / Evoclar /.

Implants / Best Price /

Implant Nobel Biohorizon / Straumann /.

Our surgeons in Belgrade Dental Implants BP Clinic are trained to use PRF which is the best bio material. It is compensation for bone and tissue in the mouth or aesthetic correction on the face. In making prosthetic restorations , each of our work, metal or metal free ceramic restorations is done exclusively in CAD / CAM camera Ivoclar Wieland and digital designs into 3D shade program. In our laboratories we are using nickel free material due to potential allergies .
All the high standards that we apply contributing to the precision of our work and excellent results in a relatively short time .


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