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Best Dental Clinic Pula Dental Practice. Our goal is to keep your healthy and clean teeth, 365 days a year. The success of modern dentistry lies in maintenance and prevention, and not only in the opportunities provided by modern technology.

An inidividual approach to each patient and a pleasant environment guarantee that you will leave our office with a healthy and beautiful smile.

Implants Best Dental Clinic Pula

Putting a dental implant is as simple as inserting a titanium screw into the maxillary bone and placing a crown or prosthesis on it.

The result is identical to that of a natural piece, both in appearance and utility.

Removes gaps in the dentures.
Recovers oral functionality.
Improves the bite.
Prevents oral problems.
Fixation lasts at least 15 – 25 years, or a lifetime if you have good hygiene.
Do not worry about the intervention. It is minimally invasive and does not hurt. Only the puncture of the local anesthesia. You will go home that same day.

Price List

First Check Up / 25 Euros /
Oral hygiene with a microscope / 60 Euros /
RVG / 12 Euros /
Composite filling with a microscope / 50 – 59 Euros /
Tooth extraction / 45 Euros /
Extraction of wisdom tooth / 63 Euros /

Teeth whitening / 265 Euros /

Root canal with a microscope / from 225 up to 330 Euros /

Metal ceramic crown with a microscope / 280 Euros /
E Max crown / 385 Euros /
Zirconia crown / 330 Euros /
Ceramic veneer with a microscope / 385 Euros /
Temporary crown / 50 Euros /

Implant / 830 Euros /
Mis zirconia construction / 200 Euros /
Mis titanium construction / 95 Euros /


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