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Best Dentist Bergamo GC belongs to Dr. Caccianiga. Dental clinic to accommodate and put at ease all patients, adults and also children. Particular attention goes to our little patients. Dental clinic has space for children. We use special approach to teach them dental hygiene without fear.
Dr. Caccianiga’s studio has best instruments. Dental team maximize the effectiveness of treatments. Recovery time is minimam also post intervention discomfort. Micro invasive approaches. Use of regenerative therapies.

Dr. Gianluigi Caccianiga – Best Dentist Bergamo GC

During his career, Doctor has had the opportunity to work for important hospitals. And also educational institutions in Bergamo and Milan, developing and expanding his skills in different branches of dentistry. This path has led him to be chosen for the commission for the activation of the laser therapy service. Dental Clinic of the University of Milan Bicocca, which will then become the ‘trademark’ of his dental practice in Bergamo. In parallel, Dr. Caccianiga has continued his teaching and also scientific activities. He is giving important contributions in research and awareness. Scientific publications and drafting of programs and services in the dental field.
He is assistant Professor in Dental Sciences since 2010, Milano Bicocca University.

Vision Of Dental Treatments In Bergamo

The technologies adopted by the Caccianiga Dental Studio / digital radiology / operating microscope / high power laser / allow a minimally invasive approach to the patient. It is resulting in a better healing and also more rapid construction and delivery of the implant prosthetic device.
For the treatment of phobic patients or patients with special needs dental studio provides a team able to control every form of fear or pain.
Each surgical or orthodontic treatment is linked with a bio stimulation laser assisted session. In order to reduce pain or , in orthodontics, the duration of total treatment time.

Dental Services Best Dentist Bergamo GC

Implants Best Dentist Bergamo GC

The loss of teeth caused by caries, traumas, root fractures, periodontal disease, etc., requires their replacement in a short time to maintain correct chewing.
This is because the teeth close to the areas of the teeth thate are extracted or to their antagonists (ie the teeth that came into contact with those lost during mastication) do not move in the direction of the missing teeth, compromising the occlusal balance. The implantology has made it possible. It is possible to replace the missing one or more teeth, or to obtain fixed prostheses on implants when there was no other alternative than a removable prosthesis.

Aesthetic Dentistry Best Dentist Bergamo GC
A good smile is the result of a good planning and also a correct dental treatment. Harmony and also function are the right goals of dentist and the patient.
Combining the new technologies used in our studio in Bergamo / laser / surgical microscope / invisible orthodontics / and also new materials / veneers / inlays in full ceramic / zirconia /. Excellent results can be achieved in combination with laser assisted dental bleaching techniques . Even surgery, always assisted by the laser, allows you to recreate the gingiva in aesthetic areas.

Gum Treatments Bergamo

Photodynamic therapy
Thanks to the use of advanced high frequency diode laser used in combination with an innovative and also patented solution, we are able to let a considerable amount of singlet oxygen in the periodontal pockets. This allows the elimination of bacteria responsible for periodontal disease and also a complete recovery, saving even the teeth that seemed irrecoverable. Bleeding of the gums, dental mobility, chewing pains disappear in most cases. The healing is rapid, the periodontal pockets are also closed, thanks to the regeneration of the alveolar bone and the gingiva which, due to the illness, had been partly destroyed.
This approach avoid in 90% of cases the classic surgical periodontal treatment. The same protocols are used in order to treat and / or prevent Perimplantitis.

Root Canal Treatments Bergamo

Endodontics deals with the treatment of the infected dental pulp, located in the pulp chamber and also in the root canals inside the tooth. Infection of the tooth generates the classic dental pain, irrepressible and unmanageable even with the common anti inflammatories. That obliges dentist to make the endodontic treatment, commonly called devitalization. It consists in the removal of the infected pulp, with the use of manual and rotating tools, in the decontamination through antiseptic liquids and laser assisted techniques as well as in its three dimensional obturation.

Orthodontics Bergamo Italy

Micro invasive orthodontics is the goal of our care. We have replaced the traditional orthodontic bracket, with self ligating brackets, which do not require the use of metal or elastic ligatures. This reduces frictions in tooth movement resulting in faster orthodontic treatment.
When the patient requires aesthetic orthodontic treatment, we offer, according to the indications, two different types of “aesthetic” orthodontics.
1) Self ligating ceramic attachments, which guarantee more camouflage of the bracket on the tooth.
2) Transparent aligners for the movement of the teeth, / like Invisalign / which, as invisible, offer the best aesthetic result.
3) Lingual self ligating brackets.
In every orthodontic session patients are treated with biostimulating device, which give less pain and greater comfort to the patient, with preservation of the health of bone and gums, and also reduce treatment time.

Conservative dentistry Bergamo

Conservative dentistry consists of the treatment of carious lesions. Caries is a disease caused by bacteria that have the power of demineralizing and softening the dental tissue, creating craters and cavities on the surfaces of the teeth, both those chewing and those between one tooth and another. The first layer involved in this process is tooth enamel, but if the disease is not stopped, it spreads into the tooth, also affecting the dentin, a softer structure than the enamel.

Photodynamic Dentist Treatment

Passing through it the bacteria responsible for the caries can quickly reach the dental pulp, true heart of the tooth, with the risk of determining its death. The combined use of the operating microscope and laser, allows to treat the caries by performing micro invasive cavities. Thanks to the use of the lasers in our study it is possible to perform reconstruction of the decayed teeth in a totally non traumatic way and with no or very low use of anesthesia. Particularly interesting is the use of the laser that is able to reduce the risk of endodontic therapy due to the caries. The use of Photodynamic Therapy then erase all the bacteria present in the tooth.

Temporo Mandibular and Occlusal disorders
The pain and also dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint region / ATM / are constantly increasing in the western world. This is linked to degenerative or inflammatory systemic alterations, but much more often to muscular resentments, to be linked to particularly stressful life rhytm. Sometimes the first symptoms arise after a dental operation linked to very long sessions with considerable demand for maximum opening of the mouth. Even the non aligned teeth may originate, over time, problems with the ATM, with interference in the growth of the posture of the growing subject and with the risk of disorders of the spine and body joints. A dedicated team can also provide the best possible service.

Children Dentist Bergamo

Pediatric dentistry deals with the diagnosis and treatment of children’s teeth and also gums diseases. Thanks to the use of the lasers in our Dental Clinic it is possible to carry out in the young patient reconstruction interventions both of the temporary and permanent teeth. In a totally non traumatic way and with no or very low use of anesthesia. Particularly interesting is the use of the Laser in the treatment of decayed deciduous teeth due to the “Baby Bottle Disease”. In subjects of a still non school age, it is possible to recover dental elements that would otherwise risk, in a short time, a complete decalcification, with risk of early dental extraction. Thanks to the use of the most modern technologies, including laser, it is possible to perform all surgical procedures in children without difficulty, also with less recourse to anesthesia, sutures and very light post operative procedures.

Price Dentist Bergamo

First Visit with CBCT / 300 EUR /

Non Surgical Laser Periodontal Treatments / 1 session / 500 EUR /

Teeth Whitening / 300 – 700 EUR / depend on the sessions number /

Tooth Restoration ( White Composite ) / 200 – 350 EUR /

Root Canal With Laser / 340 – 580 EUR / depend on the number of the canals /

Orthodontic Check up with X rays / 360 EUR /
INVISALIGN / 6.000 – 10.000 EUR /
Mobile Orthodontic Treatments / 2.400 EUR / 1 year /

Simple Extraction / 240 EUR /
Complicated Extraction / 300 EUR

Implant / 1.300 EUR /
Sinus Lift / 1.400 – 2.800 EUR /
Total Temporary Prosthesis / 2.200 – 2.400 EUR /
Total Final Prostheses / 3.500 EUR /
Overdenture on Implants / 4.200 EUR /

Temporary Crown / 200 EUR /
E Max Porcelain Crown / 1.200 EUR /
Ceramic Zirconium Crown / 1.400 EUR /
E Max Ceramic Veneer / 1.300 EUR /
Ceramic Inlay / Onlay / 600 EUR /


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