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Best Dentist Casablanca Morocco dental clinic is specialist in dental care in general dentistry. Usual dental care / decay care / descaling / dental crowns / extraction / bridges /. Surgical care / dental implants / flaps / gingivectomy / frenectomy / wisdom tooth extraction /.
Dental care for aesthetic purposes / Veeners / Whitening /
Orthodontics. In our dental we can help you to correct the dental malpositions.


Dental Implants Best Dentist Casablanca Morocco

If you have one or more missing teeth, your physiognomy and masticatory function will be great again if you move to the implant solution. An implant is an artificial root, on which your dentist attaches a crown. In other words, a dental implant has the same characteristics as a natural tooth, both visually and in terms of resistance. Unlike the bridge, it does not require cutting adjacent teeth.

Posterior composite
A composite is a material to seal and restore the tooth. Its main advantage being to imitate the whitish color of a tooth. This material is newer than amalgam. It was mostly used for aesthetic reasons on anterior teeth. But important progress now allows a much wider use.

Caries Care
The improvement of materials and adhesive techniques allows us today to propose esthetic restorations to our patients, more and more demanding of this type of therapeutics.

Root Canal Dental Treatment Casablanca

Root canal treatment / endodontic treatment / can prevent or cure infections at the end of the roots. Indeed, if the pulp is sick, it can not cure itself. Bacteria and their toxins can reach the pulp of the tooth and cause necrosis. If the tooth channel (s) are not disinfected, an abscess may form at the end of the root and cause severe pain. Even in the absence of pain / if the pathology becomes chronic /, the bone support the tooth can be damaged.
The root canal treatment therefore consists of disinfecting, shaping and sealing the root canals of the tooth, allowing it to be preserved.

Sealing furrows
Highly recommended for children. This treatment is a prevention method that provides long lasting protection of the tooth against cavities. It is a painless treatment.

This treatment is perfect in eliminating the above or sub gingival tartar, as well as the dental plaque that is on the teeth and the gums. In our clinic we can also polish the teeth using a special paste, or even a polisher.

Dental prosthesis
The dental prosthesis, or prosthetic reconstruction, is a set of techniques to make your smile great again.
We will offer you different prosthetic solutions.

Tooth Crowns Casablanca

A crown strengthen the teeth and meets aesthetic and functional needs. It is made of aesthetic materials / ceramic or porcelain / and completely covers the tooth. In addition, it is one of the solutions to repair a tooth damaged by decay, a faulty restoration or a tooth whose channel has already been treated / root canal treatment /.

Fixed bridge
The dental bridge is one of the fixed dental prostheses.
It aims to replace an absent tooth by relying on adjacent teeth. The dental bridge is therefore made up of at least three elements to replace a single tooth.

Partial removable prosthesis
The partial prosthesis, in comparison with the complete prosthesis / denture /, is an apparatus for replacing one or more teeth in order to improve phonetics, chewing, as well as aesthetics.
The partial is made in part with a resin material and a metal structure that allows, with hooks, to keep the partial well in place in the mouth of the patient.

Complete removable prosthesis
The removable full denture, commonly known as a denture, is a replacement for natural teeth. Prosthesis replaces all the teeth, either the upper jaw for a denture at the top, or the lower jaw for a denture at the bottom.

Implant prosthesis Best Dentist Casablanca Morocco
Indeed thanks to the implants it has become possible to replace one or more missing teeth with artificial titanium roots perfectly integrated into the mouth.
In addition to being able to replace the lost organ, this artificial root has the advantage of being stronger than a natural root and being insensitive to decay.

Orthodontics Best Dentist Casablanca Morocco
Conventional appliance / Aesthetic appliance / Lingual appliance / INVISALIGN

Dental aesthetics
Whitening / Veeners /

Dentist Prices Casablanca

Composite Filling / 60 EUR /
Extraction Simple / 50 EUR /
Extraction / surgical / impacted / 150 – 250 EUR /
Porcelain inlay / onlay / 400 EUR /
Teeth Whitening / 600 EUR /
Regular teeth cleaning / 60 EUR /
Composite veneer / 250 EUR /
Deep cleaning scalling / 100 EUR / per quadrant /

Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown / 500 EUR /
Porcelain veneer / 600 EUR /
Zirconia crown / 600 EUR /

Full Denture / 500 EUR /
Partial Denture / 300 – 500 EUR /

Dental Implant /800 EUR/
Sinus lifting / 300 EUR /
“All on Four” System / 7.000 EUR /
“All on Six” System / 8.500 EUR /
Bone graft /500 – 1.500 EUR /
Root Canal Treatment / 150 – 300 EUR /


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