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Implants in Best Dentist Lviv Ukraine Clinic
The technique base is that an artificial / titanium / root – implant is ingraft into the place of the lost tooth root. After a certain time the implant is load with a prosthetic unit / crown /. Treatment is usually in several stages. This is due to the fact that some time is necessary for the integration process.

The philosophy of implants technique is to offer patients an alternative to touching adjacent teeth for crowns in the event of loss of one or also more teeth. Implants can help get rid of a dental bridge, or a removable denture. In some cases, can significantly improve the fixation of a removable denture.

Dental Therapy Best Dentist Lviv Ukraine
In our clinic, we make teeth preparation in classical and innovative ways. The classical method involves preparation using modern handpieces. Made by KaVo company / minimum vibration / and 100% sterile and quality dental burs / Komet company /. The innovative method involves laser preparation.

Best Orthodontist Lviv

Оrthodontic Dentistry In Best Dentist Lviv Ukraine
In our clinic we offer orthodontic treatment. For both children and adults. Such treatment is not only to obtain straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but primarily to create proper functional occlusion. Proper functional bite and straight teeth help to prevent many problems. The disease of the temporomandibular joint and tooth decay can casuse serious issues. Besides, a beautiful smile adds to everyone’s confidence and beauty.

Root Canal Treatments
Endodontics is dental branch that studies the principles and methods of root canal treatment. Over the last few years endodontics began to develop actively and today it gives excellent results. Proper treatment of root canals is a very important task, because preservation of the tooth directly depends on its quality.

Cosmetic Dentist Lviv

Dential Aesthetics
Aesthetics in dentistry comes first, as we primarily show our success in life with a smile, and we want it to be open, beautiful and natural. Beautiful teeth and aesthetics does not mean just white teeth, it implies pink gums as well.

Prosthetic Dental
Prosthetic dentistry is restoration of damaged or missing teeth with veneers, crowns, half crowns, bridges, clasp and plastic prostheses. In other words, prosthesis that provides durability, aesthetics, reliability and stability. Prosthetics can be temporary or permanent, removable and non removable, or fixed.

Children Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry is a special area of dental practice. For Child Dentist it is necessary not only to have practical knowledge, but also to use special psychological approach to each child, in order to ensure that the child not only agree to undergo treatment, but to came to dental clinic with the joy.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening in Lviv dental clinic is offered at affordable price with the use of European equipment and also materials. Our professionals annually improve their skills, have long experience.

Gum Treatments Lviv

Failure to comply with the rules of oral hygiene “assist” in the formation of biofilm, containing a lot of microorganisms, and subsequently, dental plaque and calculus.

What signs should alert us ? First, gum bleeding while brushing or flossing, a change of colour or shape of gums, itching gums, tooth sensitivity to cold, bad breath. Over time, the process is complicated, progresses and also spreads to the underlying tissues. Periodontitis starts to develop. Tooth ligament is destroyed, and dental plaque starts to accumulate in subgingival pockets. Keep it in mind that time is not on your side, because the ultimate result of periodontitis is tooth loosening and tooth loss.

Anesthesia / Deep Sleep /
Anesthesia is a medical procedure that implies the use of certain medicines to help patients fall asleep during the treatment.
The treatment under general anesthesia is recommended / and even necessary / for the patients who are afraid of the treatment, or nervous, which makes cooperation with the doctor during the procedures / treatment, implantation, etc. / more difficult. The reason is that “deep sleep” helps to cope with the stress and makes the treatment as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Dental Technology

CEREC system
Our clinic offers the most popular CAD / CAM system in the world, that is practically one of the kind – the CEREC / from the English Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic /.
CEREC is a set of technologies, equipment and materials for the manufacture of dental micro prosthesis / inlays / veneers / crowns / produced from ceramic blocks using specialized CAD / CAM system. Developed at the University of Zurich.
CEREC is primarily a special way of treatment for both physicians and patients. You will witness and be involved in almost all the stages of work. It will be interesting and quickly. Will save your time because the treatment takes only a few appointments.

Dental Laser

Our clinic offers a unique type of service using modern dental equipment. This is Key Laser 3+ device, developed by German company KaVo. The beginning of laser application in dental care dates back to 1960. It was at the time when doctors started talking about its objective benefits. Since then the success of laser technology in surgery, ophthalmology and cosmetic medicine has been widely known, while its use in dentistry has been very limited due to the lack of an instrument that would work equally effectively not only on soft, but also on solid tissues.

We are presenting the top of the latest innovation, Device that will help solve a variety of clinical issues ranging from general preventive care, diagnosis and treatment of caries, canal treatment / in endodontics /, and study of roots to planning in implants and orthodontics.

The computer aided diagnostic system for gum disease Florida Probe.
Today, gum diseases have become a very urgent problem for many people. The task of a doctor periodontist is 100% removal of supra and subgingival tartar, removal of granulation, sterilization of periodontal pockets. All this can be achieved with a special tool, sharpened at a certain angle, to a certain degree of sharpness, special surgical operation and medical support, or with the help of high technology, such as the use of a laser. With the advancement of technology there is also a possibility of more accurate diagnosis of periodontal diseases, and today our clinic of authorial dentistry offers a unique type of service using the most modern dental equipment. Computer guided diagnostic system FLORIDA PROBE.


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