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Best Dentist Madrid Ara Dental Clinic is providing a high quality service for international patients.
Best materials, state of the art equippment and highly qualified doctors.

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Dental Prevention Madrid
Periodic annual check ups will help to diagnose early diseases and also problems conected with teet, gums and oral area.
At the clinic we educate and teach our patients about the importance of a good hygiene.

General Dentistry Madrid
This branch of dentistry deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases / including teeth, gums, tongue, salivary glands etc. /
At Dental Clinic, through an appropriate diagnostic phase we can determine the specific needs of your mouth, to carry out the most appropriate individualized treatment plan.

Restorative Dentistry Madrid
Area of Dentistry that allows to restore the dental anatomy lost due to caries.
In our Dental Clinic, in addition we can solve situations of dental trauma and fractures, color alterations or congenital dental malformations.

Best Cosmetic Dentist Madrid

Dental Aesthetics Madrid
White teeth, bright and well aligned teeth will give us the confidence to smile in a warm and sincere way.
To reach high aesthetic results we perform whitening / external or internal /, veneers / composite or porcelain /, alignment improve treatments etc.
The aesthetic problems can originate in the following / lack of teeth / teeth of incorrect position / teeth of dark color / teeth with irregular shape / teeth of altered size / dark spaces between the teeth / teeth that show the root with retracted gums / teeth with cavities / or poorly adjusted restorations, “pink aesthetic”, which focuses on gum, its shape, color and proportion with the tooth.

Children Dentist Madrid
Dedicated to the little ones. We want them to learn to take care of their mouths while playing. We educate them in prevention so they can enjoy the best dental health. It is essential that our children feel satisfied and learn that visiting the dentist is something important and necessary for their health.
Come and see us, we know how to treat the little ones

Orthodontist Madrid Spain

Orthodontics is a science that is responsible for the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies in the shape, position, relationship and function of dentomaxillofacial structures.
Depending on the type of treatment required, fixed or removable appliances will be used, as well as other types depending on the aesthetic needs demanded by the patient, such as invisible, aesthetic or lingual orthodontics.

Endodontics Best Dentist Madrid Ara
Endodontics or root canal treatment is a procedure where the affected pulp of a tooth, damaged or dead is removed and the canal is sealed.
The pulp is the deep part of the tooth and contains blood vessels and nerves, located in the central part of the root.
It is a technique that allows us to save your tooth with a high percentage of success.

Gum Treatments Best Dentist Madrid Ara
Periodontics is the specialty that studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases or anomalies that affect the tissues that support the teeth, as well the maintenance of implants.
The main periodontal diseases are Gingivitis and Periodontitis in natural teeth and mucositis and periimplantitis in implants.

Implants Madrid

The dental implant allows to replace the lost teeth with artificial ones.
In our dental clinic, we specialize in oral implantology and we use the most modern techniques and materials of the best quality to guarantee a high percentage of success.

Oral Surgery Madrid
Specialty includes the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases that occur in the mouth, jaws and their tissues.
/ extractions, histological analysis, implants etc. /

The dental prosthesis are artificial teeth that are used when one, several or all of dental pieces have been lost, thus returning the aesthetics and the required function.

There are two types:
Removable prostheses. They are used when some teeth are missing and the others can be used as bridges or support of the denture.
Fixed prostheses or bridges. They are placed on carved natural teeth
In our clinic, we work with laboratories that use high quality materials.


PRICES Dentist Madrid

Composite Filling / 75 EUR /
Extraction Simple / 60 EUR /
Extraction / surgical / impacted / from 70 to 230 EUR /
Porcelain inlay / onlay / 250 EUR /
Teeth Whitening / 190 EUR / 2 apoinments /
Regular teeth cleaning / 50 EUR /
Composite veneer / 120 EUR /
Deep cleaning scalling / per quadrant / 70 EUR /

Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown / 300 EUR /
Porcelain veneer / 390 EUR /
Zirconia crown / 400 EUR /
Temporary crown / 50 EUR /

Full Denture / 500 EUR /
Partial Denture / 400 EUR /

Standard Dental Implant / 590 EUR /
Sinus lifting / 1.200 EUR /
“All on Four” System / 8.500 EUR /
“All on Six” System / 9.500 EUR /
Bone graft / large / 550 EUR /
Bone graft / small / 400 EUR /
Root Canal Treatment / From 150 to 220 EUR /


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