Best Hospital Malaga Cenyt

International Clinic Malaga

Best Hospital Malaga Cenyt strive to ensure you feel comfortable and in good hands.
To achieve this, we have adapted our space to your needs by putting more than 40 medical specialities at your disposal using an excellence based model of care.
Our medical staff in Best Hospital Malaga Cenyt is made of high level specialists who will guide you in all matters relating to your health and your well being.
We are commit to the personalised treatment of each of our patients. Every individual is different, so why should your health treatment be the same.
You can count on our emergency service 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. Team strive to attend to you and be at your side when you need it most.

Best Hospital Malaga

What makes us different ?

  • Our goal / Medical Excellence /
    Not only can we offer you an exceptional medical team committed to your health. At our Hospital we go the extra mile and offer you a series of added value benefits.
  • Technology
    We put technology to the service of medicine to offer the solution best suited to your health needs.
  • Welcoming, friendly service
  • The location of our clinic enables us to offer you an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace that will ensure an enjoyable experience for all your senses.
  • Personalised attention
    Our team cares for you and your needs in an individual way. We strive to adapt to your personal circumstances at all times.
  • New treatments
    Innovation is one of our fundamental cornerstones, which is why we are committed to the latest developments in the treatment of illnesses.
  • We have more than 40 medical specialities.
  • Clinic boast a team of exceptional human beings in both the professional and personal spheres.
  • We have a range of areas adapted to your needs.
  • We have an enviable location facing the sea.
  • One of the few centres in Spain committed to prevention.
  • We take care of all aspects related to your health in an integrated way to secure your well being.
  • We want to be part of your story and for you to become part of ours.

Our Medical centre in Malaga

With its enviable location facing the sea, our Hospital is characterised by being one of the area’s best equipped and most technologically advanced health centres. It boasts new and comfortable facilities that meet the highest quality standards.
Thanks to our spacious and modern infrastructure extending over 3.000 m2, at Hospital Malaga we are fully committed to the integrated care of our patients in order to provide them with quality healthcare appropriate to their needs.

Medical Specialties Malaga / Full Range /
We provide in the same space everything that you need from the beggining to end of health coverage.
We offer you 40 different medical disciplines and we put at your disposal more than 150 health expert professionals to look after your well being.

Medicine / Prevention / Best Diagnostic /

Surgery / Best Doctors /

Cenyt Dental / Dental Care / Full Range /

Aesthetic Unit / Best Price /

Advanced Radiology / Top Devices /

24 hour Emergencies / Best Support /




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