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Best Plastic Surgeon Barcelona clinic is the center where you can get a wide range of surgical and also non surgical procedures for the face and the body.
Team of specialised Doctors are performing high quality procedures to domestic and also international patients using the best material, products and equipment.
Aesthetic Clinic Barcelona has a long tradition and experience since 1980.
We have a team of internal and also external collaborators with a wide network of professionals, specialized in different techniques and medical disciplines.
We all share the philosophy that personalized approach to each patient is the key for success.

BODY TREATMENTS Best Plastic Surgeon Barcelona

Non Surgical

Hydrolipoclasy / Liposuction without surgery /

More natural treatment and much less invasive than traditional lipoaspiration.
We extract localized fat permanently that also does not reproduce.
Currently it is the most demanded and also most effective treatment to eliminate localized fat and cellulite in a single session
No hospitalization. Depending on each patient and the areas to be treat, the duration may vary, but the average time from when you walk through the door until you leave home is a couple of hours.
In most cases, after 24 or 48 hours after the treatment, the patient can return to usual routine.

Breast Augmentation Barcelona

Breast augmentation with the patient’s own fat

The increase of breasts with the patient’s own fat is one of the most popular treatments.
Those who do not want to undergo a breast augmentation intervention using a prosthesis are usually interested in this treatment.
Although the results are more discreet than using a prosthesis, in some cases where you do not want a large increase is a perfect solution.
The increase of breasts with the own fat is an ideal treatment for those women who due to the passage of time have seen their breasts begin to decay, losing firmness and elevation.
This treatment is perfect for them, since in a simple intervention they can see the results.
No rejections or allergies.
The use of the patient’s own fat to return the volume instead of using artificial substances, has its advantages in the absence of rejections, allergies or incompatibilities.

Elimination of stretch marks

Eliminate stretch marks with the help of the platelet factors of your own blood.
Within a research process that has been ongoing for more than three years, Clínic Riba Barcelona has developed a treatment that is positioned as one of the most effective against stretch marks.

Veins Elimination

Laser Hair Removal

Plastic Surgical Procedures Barcelona

Breast augmentation Best Plastic Surgeon Barcelona

In more than 38 years of experience with the latest technological advances, we have developed an effective and safe technique, with a total degree of satisfaction.
After thousands of interventions, the satisfaction index of our patients supports us as one of the best options at the time for breast implant.


Breast lift

Hyperhidrosis Treatments

Facial Treatments Barcelona

Non Surgical


Dermal Fillers

Micropigmentation Treatments

Lips Treatments


Anti Age Treatments


Hair Transplatation Barcelona

Hair microtransplant procedure consists in the transfer of hair taken from the back of the head.
The results are natural and the transplanted hair will not fall, nor should it be treated in a special way.
Hair microtransplant is the only technique that manages to get hair back where it has been lost.

Both with the FUS technique / for its acronym in English, Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, follicular unit strip surgery / and with that of FUE / Follicular Unit Extraction, extraction surgery of follicular units / in our Barcelona Clinic we managed to repopulate the affected area achieving a success of between 95% – 98%.
The result is natural looking hair.
Patients can have normal life on the same day of the intervention / with the minimum care that the surgeon will advise /.

Recently our Barcelona Clinic has founded CAPILAR CENTER.
This new unit has its own resources for research and advancement of current techniques of capillary implantology.
Carried out by the doctors Dr. Rodrigo Velasco and Dr. Salvador Riba, Capilar Center aspires to become a reference capillary clinic at the national level.

Blepharoplasty Barcelona

Surgical procedure, which for esthetic purposes or in some cases functional, has the purpose of remodeling the upper or also lower eyelid eliminating and / or repositioning excess skin, eliminating fat and reinforcing the surrounding muscles.
Blepharoplasty is one of the most effective interventions with amazing results and also post operative process is fast and discreet.

Face Lifting
The facelift manages to give the skin of the face and also neck a rejuvenated appearance eliminating wrinkles, smoothing the skin and redefining the facial shape.
If the facelift is performed together with an eyelid operation / blepharoplasty /, the patient’s rejuvenation is complete and highly satisfactory.
The facelift is one of the interventions with the most growth in demand in recent years with the highest levels of satisfaction.

Some people are not happy with the shape of their ears or when they are too far from their head.
Removing excess skin to bring the ears to a more harmonic position with the patient’s head.
It is a simple intervention with fast and non painful post treatment time.
Otoplasty is often performed on children and adolescents to prevent possible complexes in adulthood

Rhinoplasty is the aesthetic intervention of the nose.
Intervention where the shape and position of the bones of the nose as well as the cartilage and the skin that make it up are modified.
It is a specialized intervention that requires expert hands.
In Riba Clinic we have been practicing this intervention for more than 20 years. The experience of the medical team in this type of intervention is a very important factor to take into account.
Natural results. Before procedure consultation are provided.


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