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Goldencare is a center with the years of experience in Complementary and Alternative Medicines, as well as in the Beauty and Wellbeing segment.
A constant search for a place where the provision of services with quality, ethics, responsibility, meeting the requirements of the market and of clients / patients could be guaranteed, made this space a reality.
Our center is collaborating with plastic surgeons for the clients looking for esthetic surgery treatments.

We seek excellence in the provision of services, offer a place that can be a refuge from day to day and where you can find an answer to each question and a service for every need.

Credibility – Reflect our trust in our service;
Ethics – To practice clear, fair and effective actions in the treatments of our clients;
Innovation – Look for innovative and viable solutions for the effectiveness of our services and treatments;
Teamwork – being committed to our employees, partners and customers;

• Epilation – IPL
The most correct term would be Semi-definitive Hair Removal, because after the recommended sessions it will always be necessary, depending on the age and the client’s, to perform a maintenance that can be annual or even after every 2/3 years. Also called IPL, this is a light source of high intensity that depending on the lamp, has a different effect on the skin, or Telangiectasias (spills). It reduces pore size and wrinkle depth, helps stimulate the production of new collagen in the dermis, reduces brown and red spots, improves skin structure and reduces acne.

• Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy TUI NA / Lymphatic Drainage Massage / Anti-Cellulite Massage / Reaffirming Massage

• Cavitation
Cavitation, also known as noninvasive liposuction is an effective method of treating adiposity, cellulite, the famous skin orange peel and localized fat. Given its efficiency, it is a good alternative to traditional liposuction, because it is a non-invasive and completely painless method, it does not require hospitalization, cuts, anesthesia, or recovery time. The term cavitation means cavity formation in an organism. In the case of cavitation for aesthetic purposes, an ultrasound technology is used which causes micro bubbles to form in tissue. The adipocytes inflate until they eventually implode, forming the aforementioned “cavities”. With the fragmentation of fat cells, the contents of these cells are released into the body, so it is necessary to maintain a monitoring of the cholesterol level while maintaining this type of treatment. The contour of the body may become more defined so that it can achieve a slimmer silhouette. However, this treatment can be done not only by women, but also by men and the most treated areas are the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and the external and internal part of the leg. It may also be used in other areas with a high adiposity index.

• Radio frequency
Radiofrequency is an aesthetic treatment used to combat flaccidity of the face or body, wrinkles, lines of expression, cellulite and stretch marks.
The device raises skin and muscle temperature and speeds up contraction of existing collagen and increases the production of more collagen fibers giving more support and firmness to the skin. The results can be seen as early as the first session is done and the result is progressive depending on age, and flaccidity installed.

• Pressotherapy
Pressotherapy is a body treatment that consists of a properly controlled compression massage, the purpose of which is to prevent the appearance of swelling or edema. This treatment is a mechanical version of manual lymphatic drainage.

• Electro Stimulation
This is a procedure that uses electric currents for various purposes, among them the treatment of tissue flaccidity, muscle toning and lymphatic drainage. It is also possible to use the stimulation for a special treatment, in which the device is programmed for multiple actions and thus, a little of each treatment is obtained. Electro stimulation causes muscle contraction, increasing blood circulation, improving cell oxygenation and eliminating toxins.

• Thermal Envelopes
Body wraps are treatments to beautify the skin, for its moisturizing, detoxifying and toning properties.

• Microdermabrasion
The microdermabrasion consists of a mechanical abrasion of the skin that allows the improvement of the same by eliminating the aged superficial layers of the epidermis. It is a little aggressive process, different from classic dermabrasions that require some recovery time.

• Oxygen therapy for facial treatment
Oxygen is essential for life and when applied in extra doses on the face helps to regain vigor and accelerate cell regeneration. In the area of aesthetic medicine, O2 therapy is recognized as a powerful technology in combating the signs of aging, skin blemishes, acne marks and scars. Applied with inhalation masks, sprays or air guns, the gas is an essential element in the revitalization of the body’s cells as it allows the tissues and organs to fully perform their functions. But, as everything is not as simple as it seems, treatment sessions include exfoliation of the skin in order to properly prepare it to receive the jet of oxygen as well as antioxidant vitamins.

• Gel Nails, Acrylic and Varnish Gel
Technique that gives the nails a natural, flexible and strong look. It is a product that applies over natural nails, promotes a protective coating on the nail and can extend beyond the nail’s edge, thus increasing its length.

• Threading
Hair removal with a line is a technique of temporary hair removal, which consists of only using a 100% cotton yarn. The wire slides over the skin, interlacing the hair with the part of the wire that is curled, withdrawing it from the follicle. The line can remove a whole line of hair at one time, resulting in a straight hairless line, very clean and precise. Threading is a technique mainly used for the face, since it is a very sensitive area, as it is a very delicate technique, suitable for people with extremely sensitive skin.

• Extension – Eyelashes
The extension of eyelashes is a beauty treatment consisting of the individual application of fake and synthetic eyelashes, of different sizes, thicknesses and curvatures, these are glued, through a medical glue and own, on the natural eyelash, accompanying their growth.

• Botox

  • Excessive and persistent sweating of the armpits that interferes with daily activities and is resistant to typical treatments.
  • Aesthetically, in the visual diminution of wrinkles.

How does BOTOX® work?
The movements of our muscles are reactions to signals received from the brain. In some clinical conditions, the brain sends many of these signals, causing muscles to work too hard. BOTOX® prevents these signals from affecting muscles and allowing them to remain relaxed. It also acts on the sweat glands in a similar way, blocking the signals received from the nervous system, thereby reducing excess sweating.

• Filling – Hyaluronic Acid
Facial Fill with Hyaluronic Acid is a well-known treatment and much used in esthetics. Hyaluronic Acid aims to stimulate rejuvenation by filling small wrinkles. The substance is used to fill wrinkles and facial furrows, such as nasal furrows (popularly known as olheira), nasogenian furrows (also known as “Chinese mustache”), glabellar wrinkles (wrinkles of the nose and between the eyebrows) And fine wrinkles like the popular “crow’s feet”.

• Mesotherapy Facial Rejuvenation with vitamins and Hyaluronic acid
The technique of Mesotherapy is used to treat localized pathologies, consists of the application of several intra-cutaneous injections in determined anatomical zones. Indicated to treat pathologies in superficial regions of the body, such as skin, muscles, joints and tendons, mesotherapy is therefore widely used in medical areas such as aesthetics, sports medicine, rheumatology or angiology.

• MicroPigmentation and Microblading of Eyebrows and Scalp
Not only can it be seen as a permanent make-up, since it also has a medical and paramedical side, it also serves to correct or alter physical defects.This practice has other applications, known as paramedical applications or complementary techniques to restorative surgery,

With the aging process structural changes occur in the skin, the collagen becomes stiff and the elastin loses its natural elasticity. Fibroblasts, collagen-producing cells and elastin, decrease in number and become less active the flaccidity and the appearance of wrinkles.

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