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Botox Clinic Girona

By coming to our Botox clinic Girona for aesthetic medicine, you come to a place where you can turn all your wishes regarding physical appearance into reality. A team of experts performs facial and body treatments using best technology and the best products. Thousands of patients from abroad and Spain visit our clinic in Girona every year. Our prices are up to 70% lower compared to some other countries and the quality of service is top notch.

Botox Specialist Clinic Girona

Our clinic is a Botox specialist.
Botox is generally one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine around the world and in our clinic.
Botox works by instantly removing the signs of aging but is also used for other conditions such as excessive sweating.
In our clinic, Botox and all other treatments are exclusively by specialists with many years of experience.
Before each treatment, the patient and the specialist conduct an interview in order to clearly identify the wishes, goals and possibilities of the treatment itself.

In addition to Botox, our clinic for aesthetic medicine in Girona also offers other facial and body treatments.

Price for Botox treatment in our clinic is only 250 Euros.

Facial Aesthetic Treatments Girona

As time passes so our skin loses its elasticity. Signs of aging such as wrinkles appear.
At our beaurty clinic in Girona we offer a complete range of facial treatments.
During the first visit, we perform an examination and consultation with the client and plan the treatment with the use of top products.

Our team offers all treatments in one place.
Threads treatments to improve skin elasticity by stimulating the body to produce collagen.
We offer Proctolane treatments for chin removal.
We use Botox to remove wrinkles on the neck and face.

Clinic use the best dermal fillers for lip treatments and hyaluronic to remove the signs of aging.
In addition, in our clinic we offer peeling treatments, LED therapy and lifting with hyaluronic acid.

Body Fat Removal Girona

Body treatments Girona

Certain factors such as pregnancy, diet and aging affect our skin and muscles. Over time, the skin and muscles lose tone and elasticity. At our aesthetic clinic in Girona, we offer all body treatments in one place to achieve the desired volume loss and strengthen your body.
All treatments are individual and are done by a team of experts with a lot of experience.

At our beauty clinic in Girona we offer weight loss treatments. These treatments are specifically designed for fat loss. We use two best techniques. Mesotherapy and radio frequency. These techniques achieve excellent results in fat loss and cellulite removal. It takes 5 sessions for great results.

If you have localized fat or cellulite that you cannot remove, we offer a new Prostrolane treatment. It is advisable for the client to come for two treatments for better performance.

At our clinic for aesthetic medicine in Girona, we also offer body firming treatments.
These treatments are specifically designed for the abdomen, buttocks and arms to further strengthen these areas.
These areas require a special approach, especially if you are an elderly person, after pregnancy or losing a lot of weight after a diet.


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