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Composite bonding Alicante / Best Price /
Composite bonding or tooth bonding or dental bonding offers a solution for minor damage. Or gaps in betwwen the teeth.

Bonding is great for filling chips, fractures or gaps between teeth, or for fixing discolouration. Dentist attach the composite resin to a tooth shaped to restore its original appearance. The colour of the resin match your teeth, so it will appear as though it is a natural part of the tooth.

Composite bonding can help you achieve a smile you are happy with / Great Results /

Our dentists can make the combination of teeth whitening and composite bonding to improve even more final aesthetic result teeth.

What are the benefits of composite bonding ?

Complete Composite bonding treatment can be in just one visit to the dentist. It’s a fast and also effective way to fix minor cosmetic issues. The composite is harden using UV light as soon dentist applie the material. It is resulting in a tooth that can comfortably bite down by the end of the appointment.

Bonding is also a non invasive procedure. With alternatives such as crowns and veneers, part of the tooth is permanently removed. For composite bonding, the surface of the tooth only has to be rough / non invasive / to help the resin to bond, meaning the structure of the tooth remains intact.

Composite Bonding Alicante

Bonding can make cosmetic improvements to your smile quickly, without causing further damage to your teeth.

Composite bonding is a very good option for closing small gaps between teeth. Either for a single gap or multiple small gaps between all the teeth. You can achieve amazing results with bonding.

The dentist places the composite resin on the teeth, closing the gaps between them or also making them more discrete. If it is not possible to close them completely

Composite bonding can be a cheaper alternative to crowns or veneers. It’s also a less invasive process. It can be in just one appointment. And with regular brushing and good oral hygiene, your composite bonds should last for years. Typically, you will only need one visit. In most cases, you won’t even require anesthesia. Dental bonding typically lasts between 5 and 10 years before the dentist will need to touch up existing bonding. Or replace it with new bonding material.

The teeth bonding procedure is painless. Most likely, you won’t even need pain relievers. However, you may experience some tooth sensitivity. To heat and cold after the procedure.
It is absolutely pain free. No anaesthesia is needed. There is no permanent alteration to the natural tooth structure. No drilling is necessary.

For patients who have healthy natural teeth and desire a quick solution to improve the appearance or their smile, composite bonding is a fast treatment. Painless and affordable option.
It is the least invasive way of getting teeth aesthetically restored.
It is suitable for almost everyone. Cheaper than other cosmetic treatments. You can get immediate results. Also only requires one visit to the dentist.


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